You NEED to be eating garlic, to combat some of the strongest CONTROLS being pushed on us right now, involving the alteration and adulteration of our food. I have covered this topic pretty thoroughly in the CONTROLS IN FOOD chapter. So much of what we ingest, is fake food, that has no nourishing benefit to it, at all - rather, to the contrary.  Very few people have the time, the energy, or the inclination to educate themselves about what they eat.

     Because garlic is such a POWERFUL blood purifier, it will help your body cast off massive amounts of the unwanted junk and additives, that pervade our food supply. Garlic works in a mysterious way, to DISCONNECT us from THEIR mind-control tactics. Much of the reason for that, I can explain to you, but some of it remains, even to me, a mystery. Here are some of its properties that will keep you safe, mind-wise, health-wise, and money-wise. The latter, because raw garlic is the cheapest and most effective antibiotic - by a long shot.

     Remember, in the CONTROLS IN FOOD chapter, when I mentioned the neurotransmitters in our brains? Our thoughts, emotions, and bodily functions are all dependent upon positive and negative electrical charges. In order for those charges to make the proper connections - so our thinking is clear, our emotions are healthy, and our body operates the way that it SHOULD - the electrical impulses need to be able to travel throughout the nervous system unhampered, and without breaks in the "conduits".

     Every effort is being made right now, by THE OLYMPIANS, to interrupt those connections, confuse those signals, and corrupt our health. Not content to leave any stone unturned, they have attacked us with a three-pronged assault plan. The subliminals, the ELF and VLFIS waves interrupt our thought patterns, the prolific propaganda from the media help to mold and shape our emotions, and the various non-food chemicals and additives they have injected into our daily menus, sabotage our health.

     Well, here is some INCREDIBLY GOOD NEWS. GARLIC, ESPECIALLY IN ITS RAW, NATURAL STATE, ACTS LIKE A BATTERY. It is extremely polar - one end of the bulb is positively charged, the other end is negatively charged. When you eat RAW GARLIC, it "ENERGIZES" your system, and bridges various gaps in your nervous system and other parts of your body, on a CELLULAR LEVEL. After eating it, you will notice an increase in sustained energy.*

*Note: It may also make you sick, at first, because garlic is such a 
powerful blood purifier. Eating raw garlic - if you used to be a "Junk 
food junkie", or even if you eat like most of America - will go 
through your body like "the white tornado" and clean out poisons, 
toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals, FAST. You may feel like you have 
a cold, the flu, fever, chills, runny nose, sore throat, stomach ache, 
bronchitis, or all of the above. Approach it "genteely", if you are not 
used to garlic, or you will think that the GARLIC made you sick.

     You will also notice that your thinking is sharper, clearer, and faster. You will begin to FEEL again - good, strong, intense emotions - like love, empathy, and joy. You may also feel heartache, anger, and righteous indignation, however - it will most likely be very appropriate.

     Garlic's strong electrical properties will start cleaning out and rebuilding your entire nervous system, and its effects are usually noticeable after the first ingestion. In a way that I DO NOT BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND, it appears to eliminate the undue influence of THE OLYMPIAN'S mind control over a human being. This is NOT a fairy tale or a theory. I've done too many experiments that prove it to be true. This "garlic shield" is extremely important, if you want to retain your intellectual prowess and your emotional health, in the midst of this present onslaught of CONTROLS. Even if you are in a situation where you are almost FORCED to eat the SAD way - that's STANDARD AMERICAN DIET - raw garlic will fill in the gaps in your "electrical system", much as electricity can "jump" gaps, and bridge a connection. This ability to clear confused thinking and re-energize your body, is one of the most important things that garlic does. 
     Garlic, when cooked, still retains a good deal of its health-giving qualities, however, you lose some major benefits, when you cook it. Cooking destroys the enzymes, and garlic loses its ability to effectively kill bacteria. That doesn't mean it won't still kill bacteria, it will, but its effectiveness is greatly reduced. THIS WILL BE VITALLY IMPORTANT TO YOU IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Biological and biochemical warfare is already being perpetrated against the American people, and others - and more is coming in the form of anthrax, bubonic plague, and antibiotic-resistant viruses. Right now, in 2009, we are "battling" a swine flu virus, and the government is toying around with making inoculations against it MANDATORY; hope THAT gets squashed. Eating garlic protected people in the past from a myriad of diseases - but you have to eat it RAW, to get the optimum benefits from it. The ability of raw garlic to destroy bacteria is extremely important, as I stated earlier. I suggest you look askance at any publication that states otherwise; most likely the writer has an ulterior motive. Let's examine what that might be...
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