"...and the thing that is hid, bringeth He forth to light."   ---   Job 28:11

     Subliminal messages in advertising are illegal - right? They are a thing of the past, no longer 
used, no longer allowed, strictly forbidden, nonexistent - correct? Well, against the law - yes. No longer used, nonexistent - NO. Before you pshaw! me - you need to read this chapter. If, after
reading it you STILL think that subliminal messages in commercial broadcasting, are strictly a thing 
of the past - you're naive, ignorant, or oblivious. They are still being used on an unsuspecting public.

According to Webster's Dictionary, the word "subliminal" is defined as: 
"below the threshold of consciousness or apprehension, subconscious; 
too slight to be perceived; as a subliminal stimulus." 

How very intriguing, that "subliminal" and "stimulus" are linked! 
Well, let's see how Webster defines "stimulus".
"something that rouses or excites to action or increased action; incentive."

    Okay, I get it - do YOU? Subliminal stimuli are then basically anything that is perceived subconsciously that rouses or excites to action. NEAT! If we, as parents, could only use subliminal messages to get our kids to clean their rooms, hang up their clothing, straighten their drawers and  wipe their feet - without constant repeated verbal reminders! If only management could get their employees to double their output, without the work force knowing that they were being driven - subliminally. If only spouses could subliminally program their mates to be faithful!  Well, there are 
a lot of subliminal tapes on the market for various things, but I haven't unearthed any for the above 2 topics. Subliminal messages are implemented more than most of you realize - every single moment of every day.  READ ON...

     Years ago, it became common public knowledge that movie theaters would flash a frame on 
the screen, every so many frames, of mouth-watering popcorn, refreshing ice-cold soft drinks, and luscious candy.  Movie goers would suddenly find themselves INTENSELY CRAVING these various "delectables", conveniently and generously provided at the refreshment stand, at exorbitant prices.

     The impetus behind these cravings was not detected, because the audience was blissfully unaware that they were being roused to action by a subliminal stimulus on the screen! The pictures flew by with such rapidity, just like ALL of the present TV commercials do, that they never realized those sudden, intense cravings were not of their own making - they were deliberately perpetrated 
on their subconscious minds.  Sales EXPLODED at the theaters' concession stands, theater owners were deliriously happy, and Mr. and Mrs. America and family went home stuffed, confused, and a bit poorer. THE PLAN worked! 

     When THE TRUTH was finally revealed, the public responded with vehement outrage. "The NERVE of someone deliberately enticing and inciting us to spend money and eat food we really didn't want and certainly didn't need, without us knowing it!  Why, that's nothing less than entrapment, mind-rape, invasion without invite, an onslaught on our senses and finances!" HOW 'BOUT THAT! 

     Guess what, beloved? That was NOTHING - compared to what's being scientifically, methodically, secretly pumped into your brains, TODAY. The movie theater subliminals were mere child's play.
Nothing has changed, the subliminals are still there --- and they are EVERYWHERE. No WONDER people want to "find" themselves! They never knew who they were, in the first place. This present generation, in particular, has been the victim of mind control since birth. GOOD NEWS! You can be disconnected from it RIGHT NOW.

     So...technically, the public has been told that subliminals are illegal. Well, so are a lot of other things that have been foisted upon us, unawares. Those insidious subliminals are still there, just as powerful, just as potent, and just as planned. As a matter of fact, they are just about everywhere - visual and audio. THE CONTROLLERS intend to have our complete compliance, one way or another, and there is no compassion in them whatsoever. They have no conscience twinges, no compunction, and no concern for anyone but themselves, and THEIR AGENDA.

     Subliminals are found: on TV, at the theaters, on video tapes, CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, in magazines, in newspapers, in airplane movies, at airports, on our MONEY - I'll address that later, in malls, in music, in supermarkets, over the radio, in doctor's and dentist's offices, in musical messages played over the phone while you are on hold - [forever], in schools, in the military, in government offices, at amusement parks - almost anyplace you can find - and they're messing with your MIND. Anything that you can see with your eyes, or hear with your ears, can potentially deliver a healthy dose of subtle, sublethal CONTROL.

     Again, you are not required to believe me - it is still TRUELater in this chapter, I'll quote some actual content of these subliminal messages, AND some quotes from "those in the know", lest you think that I have nothing better to do with my time, than publish a bunch on nonsense from the "lunatic fringe".  The worst LUNATICS out there, are those who wish to CONTROL US! Let's examine some interesting concepts...ready?
Voila!  It is the AGE OF SELF. America's theme song, the favorite song of the nation is ME, ME, 
ME, ME, ME. [Not mi, mi,mi,mi, mi - that one's okay.] How often have YOU heard the following "psychobabble" refrains? Usually, they are coming from a spouse, or other family member...

America...world...STOP IT! Please - cease and desist! Contrary to popular opinion, YOU DO NOT EXIST FOR YOUR OWN PLEASURE. You have been given LIFE, to help others, and please God. To do that, you are commanded to love God with all of your heart, all your soul, all your strength, all your might, and all your mind - and to love your neighbor as yourself. NOT, AS SOME INTERPRET IT, as much as you love YOU.  People actually think, and TEACH, that it means you have to first love yourself, before you can love others. BALDERDASH and POPPYCOCK. It means you are to love your neighbor, which is EVERYONE, as though they WERE YOU. Very, very simple.

So, because AMERICA has forgotten what our job here is - (I'll pick on us, we DESERVE it) people sit around and psychoanalyze their psyche, pay an inordinate amount of attention to THEMSELVES, "celebrate life", "establish their boundaries", "find themselves", whatever THAT is supposed to mean, and are of no lasting use to ANYONE.
I need to 
I have every right to...
I'm MY own person...(uh, what is THAT supposed to mean?)
Get off MY back...
 I need time to chill out...
It's MY life...
I just need some space. okay?...
Nobody is going to tell ME what to do...
Well, I was angry...(so, you acted 
like a jerk)
I don't 
deserve this... 
You just don't understand ME...
You don't own ME...
That's MY prerogative...
It's not MY fault...
I just don't feel good..(that's why you 
were so nasty)
Get outta 
MY face... 
I''ll do what I 
want to do!
 I'm in 
control of MYSELF...
That's not 
You need to respect 
MY space...
I need to celebrate MY 
I need to be with someone who respects 
MY wishes..
 I need to do somethig for ME, for a 
You hurt MY 
You're getting on MY nerves...
Get out of 
MY life...
  MY blood pressure...MY diabetes...MY cancer...MY car...MY soap opera...MY operation...and on and on it goes, ad infinitum, ad nausea. It's the old MEMYMYSELF and I.
Shakespeare wrote: "To thine own self be true..."  THAT'S EXACTLY THE MINDSET TODAY!
So many of you are so busy looking out for #1, they forget that we are all in this, together.
     NOW, I'VE SAID ALL OF THAT, to say THIS: the end result of all of this SELF-SERVING seeking, is often the purchase of taped, SELF-improvement courses.  Lots of you out there own thousands of dollars worth of them.  Have they helped - really truly helped?  Are you efficient, relaxed, happy, full of joy and peace, stable, gentle, kind, considerate, productive, thoughtful, modest, contented?
Are you such a magnet of joy and energy that you light up a room with your presence?  Do you possess a peace that passes understanding - yours and everyone else's?  Are you thorough? Are you pleasant?  Are you organized?  Are you willing to do whatever it takes, and THEN some?  Are you financially secure? Are you at peace with God?  Are you at peace with your spouse? If the answers are NO, then the money you spent on subliminal self-improvement tapes, was wasted. 

     You do not need to UNDERSTAND YOURSELF, you need to love others. I can tell you of a very unusual, highly specialized, personalized, self-improvement course. It's called the BIBLE. Take all of those self-improvement tapes, put a piece of scotch tape over the punched-out tabs, put them in a tape deck, and read out loud, while on RECORD MODE, from a King James Bible. Just record Psalms, Proverbs, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. THAT will not only IMPROVE you, it will TRANSFORM you, without a doubt. It's cheap, too. Best self-improvement course to be had for love or money. 
So, let's get on with what subliminals are out there... 

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