The shock absorber is that you do not HAVE to be under any outside manipulation or CONTROL. There is a way...

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It is TIME to
use what is between your ears, called a brain. Once you realize 
the reasons behind the frustrations 
in your life, you can make up your own mind, and decide exactly whom you will serve.

There are really only 
2 choices:
GOD or 

If you choose 
to serve GOD,
by default, you will 
serve others.
If you choose to serve 
you will be just one more unnecessary individual.

If you take the time to really READ 
you will have to either 
what I am commissioned to tell you, 
or dismiss me as a "nut".

If you do the research, and run some of the tests that 
I tell you about, you will BELIEVE.
Be prepared for a lot of doubt, scorn,  and unbelief - you WILL 
get it. Deep-down, people do not like to think that they  being manipulated and 

They believe that THEY are in charge, and despite proof to the contrary - they want 
you to
believe there must be some

There IS, but it is on the part of the "elite" group of people and organizations who think that we are 
all half-wits and idiots.

They are 
WRONG. We may not 
have their financial resources, 
but we DO have a 
hot-line to THE TRUTH.
liberty throughout 
the land unto 
all the inhabitants thereof"  

"The wicked worketh a deceitful 
work: but to 
him that 
soweth righteousness shall be a 
sure reward."
Proverbs 11:18

"The wicked watches the
and seeketh 
to slay him. 
will not leave him in his 
hand, nor condemn him when he is judged.  Wait 
on the LORD, 
and keep His way, and He 
shall exalt 
thee to 
inherit the 
land: when 
the wicked 
are cut off, 
thou shalt 
see it." 
37: 32-34

"Though hand join in hand, 
the wicked 
shall not be unpunished:
but the 
seed of the righteous shall be delivered."

"Now know I 
that the Lord saveth His anointed; he 
will hear him from His holy  heaven with 
the saving strength of His right hand."
Psalms 20:6

"The face of 
the Lord is against them 
that do evil, 
to cut off the remembrance 
of them from 
the earth."
Psalms 34:16

"The kings of 
the earth set thmselves, 
and the rulers take counsel together, 
against the 
Lord, and 
against His anointed, 
saying, Let us break their 
bands asunder, and cast away their cords 
from us. He 
that sitteth in the heavens 
shall laugh: 
the Lord shall have them in derision."
Psalms 2:2-4
    Today, there are CONTROLS hidden everywhere: in our food, clothing, water, personal products, household products, homes, offices, cars, phones, radios, theaters, television, airplanes, airports, computers, malls, furniture, schools, and hospitals - just to name a few.  That is a FACT. 

     You are NOT going to want to believe some of the things that I am about 
to divulge. That's okay. One day, guaranteed - YOU WILL. I hope you will be thankful you were warned.

     Forget saving the rainforest, forget the extinct wildlife issue, forget saving the natural resources, and forget saving the planet.  You should be gravely 
concerned about saving your sanity and your freedoms.  Let's face it, folks - the battle is really for the MIND

     It has often been said, that the hand which controls the money, rules the world. Remember the old adage - "What the MIND of man  can CONCEIVE
and BELIEVE, can be ACHIEVED"? - attributed to Napolean Hill, I believe.

     Well, here's the bad news...

    The MINDS of the men who control the currencies of the world, have CONCEIVED a plan, and BELIEVE it will work, to network the entire WORLD together, as their slaves --- via finances, the environment, and CONTROL of the MIND.  It will work, for a time.
     Every notion you have ever had, is either dismissed, or it becomes a thought. Every thought becomes an idea, which develops into a concept, which turns into a stronghold, which becomes a plan, which gives birth to decisive ACTION.  The decisive ACTION accomplishes completion of the plan - spawned by the original thought.

     After all, if one can control the thinking processes of the MIND, one can create an entire world of marionettes, who dance to the CONTROLLER'S TUNE. The words are in every language, but the tune remains the same.  The GOOD news is, that those things done in secret, will be shouted from the rooftops.  Those with an open mind and a teachable spirit, will be able to detach themselves from the myriad of controls, and start thinking again with a clear, logical mind. Basically, it's very simple.  Just give your mind a rest from THE CONTROLLERS, and suddenly the entire scheme of things becomes painfully apparent.

     None of us WANT to think that someone else is controlling our thoughts, minds, and actions. We all WISH to believe that we are the captains of our own destiny.  The very IDEA of another person deciding what we eat, where we go, what we wear, what we know, what we think, what we believe - rebels against reason.  But, that is exactly what the enemy is all about.

     Knowing WHO the enemy IS, is half the battle.  Having their battle plan in hand, is the other half.  It took me over 20 years to get the whole picture, but when it came together, like an intricate jigsaw puzzle, it ALL MADE SENSE; horrifying, sobering, delightful sense.  As I show you the pieces, I pray that you can put the puzzle together, too.
    All down through the ages, God has always faithfully alerted His people - ALWAYS. His people did not always LISTEN. When they DID, He blessed them beyond their wildest dreams. When they DIDN'T, there was "big trouble in little China". The hand of God has not shortened, slackened, or grown weak.  He will STILL keep you and yours safe. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LISTEN, AND OBEY. The shock of the TRUTH behind the world scenes is great. The shock absorber, the ANTIDOTE to their scheme, is greater.

     As you go through the different chapters in the TABLE of CONTENTS, you will discover the TRUTH of what is being done to us, and you will also discover the ANTIDOTE. Both are surprising. Both are TRUE.

     Just remember, when they LISTENED, God's people were fed daily with manna from heaven. they were led by a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day.Their clothing and shoes did not wear out for FORTY YEARS - ( Read references in Deuteronomy 8:4, 29:5, and Nehemiah 9:21 ) - AND they survived in the wilderness.

     He does the same things today, for those who are truly His, as evidenced by their unswerving loyalty, childlike trust, and passionate love.  Stand and see the salvation of God, which will preserve and protect you from this present darkness.

     Remember, many are called - but most are FROZEN. Are YOU a member of the Church of the "FROZEN CHOSEN"? Actually, what the Word says, is "many are called, but few are CHOSEN. Ask to be chosen. God is calling His Remnant, and I am sounding the alarm.

     The fall is coming - society cannot go on as it is - the downward spiral is too steep. God is handing you a parachute, and the rip-cords WORK. The neat thing about belonging to God, is that no matter what devious plan is being engineered, He always has a courtyard full of parachutes. Landing in enemy territory isn't even a problem, because He has been known to make His people invisible. Even if THE PLANNERS end up taking our very lives; we still WIN.  Ready to be shocked at what THEY are doing to YOU

Here we go - on to the CONTROLS IN FOOD...
Again, the GOOD NEWS, the SHOCK ABSORBER, is that you do not HAVE to be under anyone else's control.  If you remove yourself from the CONTROLS, and the CONTROLS from you, you'll be as free as you were born to be...

It bears repeating:
subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
The opinions expressed here are purely mine. Any references to real people are purely --- INTENTIONAL.
"Wise Men STILL Seek Him"