REALGAR, which is considered a mineral, is found in Transylvania, and other places where there have traditionally been stories of vampires. Now, don't go off "half-cocked" - this is interesting, and it has to do with GARLIC. Realgar is a weird substance - it LOOKS like bright, red blood, and is often found in deposits of pitch-black "rock". It strikes my imagination, like fresh red blood, embedded in corruption.

     You are not likely to ever see it, because it is very perishable. In a museum, it has to be kept away from light, and under pressure. When it is exposed to the light, under normal atmospheric conditions, it eventually DECOMPOSES into an orangish substance, reminiscent of AMBER. When AMBER is burned, it burns like wood. When REALGAR burns, it gives off a characteristic GARLIC smell. Now, isn't that INTERESTING?

     Am I saying that vampires exist? No. Is this designed to frighten or alarm you? No. It is just a lot of odd facts, that interlink interestingly, and some of the things that God showed me, when I was doing a lot of research. When you love Him with ALL of your heart, and ALL of your soul, and ALL of your mind, He does show you someweird things. Just look at all of the cross-links between what we have heard in the vampire legends, and the facts. Vampires traditionally cannot stand the light of day. Neither can realgar. Vampires embody corruption and blood-sucking. Realgar looks like blood, IN corruption. It turns into "amber" - well, it LOOKS like it does, when exposed to light, AND, garlic has always been the "old wives tale" remedy to fend off vampires. That's what amber smells like - GARLIC, when it is burned. Strange - no? Just very interesting...

     Some of the very old literature that I own, touting the virtues of garlic, state that it purifies the blood, annihilates cancer, eliminates tumors, imparts energy and strength to the eater, and even "drives demons away". Now, that was very interesting to see in print, because a DOCTOR wrote that, and he stated that doctors view all disease as being caused by evil spirits. Well, all I care to comment on THAT one, is that - CERTAINLY don't think that disease is caused by anything good and pure and wholesome, now - do we? Think about the word "disease" - "dis - ease" - a body not at ease.

     For years, I did some pretty extensive research on garlic and its remarkable properties. There appears to be no other plant that even approaches its benefits. Garlic is regarded as an herb, a fruit, a vegetable, and even a meat - by some. For its size, it contains some large quantities of SELENIUM, a natural cancer-fighting agent, and very powerful antioxidant. 

     Garlic also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, the minerals zinc, calcium, manganese, germanium, copper, iron, sulfur, and other substances that appear to be present ONLY in garlic. One of these is DIALLYL THIOSULFINATE, commonly known as ALLICIN. This is the component that is responsible for garlic's characteristic pungent odor. One of the amazing things about garlic, is that the oldor in undetectable, until the garlic clove is cut or crushed.

     Garlic's odorless compound is call "alliin". The aromatic part is called "allicin". There is a third component, a catalyst if you will, called "alliinase". As long as the cloves remain uncut, alliin and alliinase are in a state of odorless peaceful coexistence. When they are combined, through cutting, crushing, or slicing a garlic clove, allicin is "produced", and everyone in the surrounding area knows "what's cooking".

     A few other things that are found in garlic are: ajoene - an excellent anti-blood clotting agent, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, water, saponins - which lower blood pressure and help prevent stroke, traces of potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous, and adenosine - a nucleic acid which is a building block of DNA and RNA. More of the latter is in garlic, than in any other known plant food. 

     Garlic richly deserves its title - "King of the vegetable kingdom". There are over 70 other active ingredients in garlic, that make it so unique, but what you NEED to know, are its BENEFITS.
     The ONLY way to obtain all of garlic's extraordinary benefits, is to eat at least a portion of your daily intake of it - RAW. You can eat it many different ways - baked, boiled, roasted, broiled, fried, 
in capsules, in powder form as in garlic salt or garlic powder, in the liquid form from the health food stores, or in gel caps - but - NONE of those methods will afford you the protection or give you the optimum benefits, that RAW garlic does. Garlic is a POWERFUL antibiotic. It outperforms penicillin, tetracycline, streptomycin, and even chloramphenicol. In laboratory tests, garlic matched all of the commonly prescribed antibiotics in culture dish tests - kill for kill, and even OUTPERFORMED CHLORAMPHENICOL, in two separate tests - killing bacteria that was resistant to that antibiotic. 

     Did these startling results hit the major news programs, or medical breakthrough sites? Not hardly. Louis Pasteur even did research on garlic, way back in 1858. He actually PROVED that the growth of bacteria was STOPPED by garlic. I'll bet they never taught you THAT in school, did they?
Never mind, that was a rhetorical question - I KNOW, they didn't. Now, let's look at why YOU should be eating GARLIC.
It bears repeating:
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