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     Generally speaking, the less expensive the clothing, the weaker the CONTROLS. After all, they are confident they already have the poor and the middle-class in their back pockets. The ones with money and influence need to be assuredly theirs, also. Designer clothing, "limited edition" wear, the top-of-the-line - have MASSIVE CONTROLS in them. Now, why would that be?  

Because, the THE OLYMPIANS goal - is total CONTROL.
They intend by their stealth, to get ALL the wealth.
The more that you make, the more they can take.
Those who are wise, will see through the lies.

In their conceit, they FLAUNT their deceit.
Their "collective" mind - thinks we are all BLIND.
Well, to THEIR surprise, God exposed the disguise;
And testing it SHOWS, what THEY'VE put in our clothes.

     Allow me to digress - NEVER underestimate the CONTROLS that they have installed in your life, or the mind control they have implanted in your brain, or the upside-down values system they have instilled into your thinking.  These people are the ones who teach the military their MIND CONTROL, PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, BRAIN-WASHING TECHNIQUES, WORD TRIGGER RESPONSES, GERM WARFARE, SPACE TECHNOLOGY, and a host of other things.  They are the ones who send out the SUBLIMINALS, the ELFs, (extra low frequency waves), the VLFISs (very low frequency infrasound waves), and other air-wave related controls.  They are the same bunch who brought us AIDS, VIBRO 19, EBOLA FEVER, TB, CHOLERA, and a plethora of other ills. They are just babbling babes compared to God and His knowledge, and He gives His people protection, IF THEY WILL LISTEN.

     I have tried to keep most of this information in layman's terms, so you could read it and implement it, easily.  If you are not protected after you read this entire epistle, the onus will be on YOU.  Since they cannot comprehend the depth and width of God's love, they have no idea, really, that we know what they're UP to.  Oh, they know that we're aware of their existence, but they 
DON'T know that we are aware of their INSIDIOUS, INVISIBLE CONTROLS. Their smugness knows no bounds, because they are all in cahoots with each other. They are obscenely wealthy, and are receiving highly specialized technology from their "HIGHER POWERS" - make that HIDDEN MASTERS.   What they DON'T KNOW, is that, compared to God - they're just little boys, playing in the Big League.  In the end, they get trounced, ROYALLY. PUN INTENDED. 

     Let's examine another article of clothing.  Here we have a brand-new, 100% cotton shirt. So, it 
APPEARS. It is NOT! The stitching is almost certainly NOT cotton, the labels are DEFINITELY not cotton, the trim is RARELY cotton, the interfacing is not cotton, and very often - the shirt itself, is NOT 100% cotton. So much for labels. How do I KNOW?  


     Remember? COTTON burns slow - and - steady. COTTON BLENDS burn in spurts. NYLON and 
other synthetics MELT. That's ONE way that I know. Another way, is body contact.  During the time that I was doing most of the research, investigating controls in our daily lives, I was REALLY sick, 
with some form of cancer. I was very, VERY thin. Anything I wore that was NOT a natural fabric, elicited a VERY strong reaction from my body.

     Often, I found nylon threads, sewn in the seams of a garment that was labeled 100% cotton. 
The garment was not stitched with nylon in the FIRST place.  I also found places that were heavily stitched with synthetic thread that had no apparent reason for being there.  Soon, I became aware that there was some type of BALANCE to be struck, between natural and synthetic. Seems "they" figured out, or were told by their "god", that to enclose us totally in synthetics, would defeat 
their necessity for anonymity.  It would be too blatantly obvious.  So...in a garment that WAS 
pure cotton, synthetic stitching and labels were added.  In a blend, the stitching might BE cotton.  
In white clothing, very often, the labels were black.  The darker the color of the cloth, you know, 
the less toxins and poisons can be absorbed.  VERY ODD, INDEED.

     Another oddity that I found, was that garments made of leather, wool, silk, etc., often had 
nylon linings.  Nice touch.  Put the natural fabric on the OUTSIDE, the synthetic INSIDE, next to the skin. Feels nice to the touch, but...this method of manufacture makes it twice as easy to tune you into their controls.  In catalog clothing, retail outlets, and second-hand stores, I have found the 
same thing - time and time again.  The outer shell of some garments would be constructed of 
natural materials - the inside was nylon, acetate, acrylic, polyester, or some other synthetic, or 
a blend. I found that A LOT, and especially in "cotton" bras. Two layers of fabric - cotton outside, synthetic inside. So, the synthetic material is against your skin, the cotton is NOT.

     My findings were pretty consistent - almost every single garment followed the same pattern.  
If it was exceptionally beautiful, conservatively cut, and had tremendous eye appeal - the fabric 
was a blend. The clear, sharp colors and the exquisitely made items that sold well - were almost WITHOUT EXCEPTION - made of blends.  The loose, casual, muted UNATTRACTIVE colors and styles, were in 100% natural fabrics. Some of the blends were totally ludicrous - 12% cotton, 55% ramie, 
33% nylon, 25% virgin wool, 45% acrylic.  These are just typical of the various blends out there.  We've all seen 50-50 blends, cotton and polyester mixes - Haines is famous for them.  But, some of the others sound like they were spawned in a nightmare.  Remember, folks, they can't use you as receptors quite as well, if you are wearing NATURAL fibers.  All synthetics will act as a type of ANTENNAE, including the stitching in natural garments, and you DO become a "receiver".
     So, beloved, TUNE OUT.  Buy some 100% organic cotton or linen, real wool, real silk, or 
genuine bamboo clothing - plenty of it from cottage industries online. Or, I'm sure every one of 
you has an acquaintance, a relative, or a friend who sews.  Get some good quality, natural material and natural fiber thread.  Find buttons made of natural materials - washable wood and shell are 
great, and have someone copy one of your favorite outfits.  It will be well worth your while, and 
wait until you WEAR it!  You will be AMAZED at the difference in how you feel, your attitudes, 
and how it affects your body.  DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THEIR ANTENNAE OFF YOUR BODY, and you'll be well on your way to physical FREEDOM.  I know - I've done it.

     ARE there other ANTIDOTES for the clothing control connection? YES! The most important 
one costs you nothing at all, and can be done at once. Ask God for help. Get as close to Him as 
you possibly can, and ask Him for wisdom.

     Next, get your body into some 100% COTTON underwear - WHITE.  Keep white next to your 
skin whenever possible. Order some online - there's lots of it still out there.  Not as much for the ladies as there is for the men - but - it IS obtainable.

     Look up Ecclesiastes 9:8.  It is there for a REASON.  Then, ladies - get the nylons off when you 
do not absolutely have to wear them.  Look at vintage clothing stores, for clothing that will suffice, make your own, hire a seamstress or tailor to make you some natural clothing.  Get yourself into at least 1 or 2 outfits that are made completely of natural fabrics - no tags, no labels, no CONTROLS
It's easier than you think. Or, you can always strip the CONTROLS out of clothing you now have, as I mentioned earlier, however, it WILL alter the garment after the next laundering.  As much as it is possible, get your body into loose-fitting, 100% natural clothing. Most likely, it will be a gradual process, but - the sooner, the better.  Day by day, the CONTROLS increase, and their strength increases, also. One of OUR strengths, is that the THE CONTROLLERS, remain totally convinced that we are oblivious to the links in their chains. Well and good; let them think that. We know differently, and we can divest ourselves of their CONTROLS completely. Just LISTEN, OKAY? And - keep yourself unspotted from the world. The CONTROLS are not just in the clothing, as you know by now. But, what you wear plays a BIG PART in YOUR being CONTROLLED.
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