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Part of the THE PLAN, is to accustom all of us to death, destruction, aliens, gore and tragedy. Universal Studios does an excellent job. One observation we made, was that the audience, with the exception of the children, just took it all in stride. No one was seen exiting, and all seemed to enjoy going from shock to shock. Amazing.

Another exhibit that absolutely blew us away, was the E.T. Adventure. Our people were digitally "scanned", given a card, without which entrance was denied, and asked their names. Our "mole" gave a false name, and upon leaving, was addressed electronically by this false name. The entire audience, of course, was sitting on plastic seats during the performances - you know how I feel about plastic! All of the people were also given individual numbers --- shades of the Mark of the Beast, you know, which incidentally is already "among us". 

It appeared that no one else but our group seemed to think anything was amiss, or object to any of the instructions given them, no matter how ridiculous. Everyone just behaved themselves, as good sheep do, and "followed directions". They were there to have FUN, not to THINK --- and didn't seem to pay attention to any of the many CONTROLS imposed upon them.
At Universal Studios, television monitors were everywhere we looked, reminiscent of the TV series, The Prisoner, that was aired so many years ago. Surveillance was addressed, at Universal, and we were told that the technology to read license plates from satellites in the sky was coming "sooner than you think". COMING? What do they think, that we are oblivious? It's already HERE, and has been for many, many years. In the 1970's, we already had the capability to read the dates on coins held in a person's hand, from the sky.

Observe the following, from the April 1997 issue of Popular Science magazine, pages 42-48. We are told that a Titan rocket, the height of a 20-story building, lifted off into space on December 20, 1996. Its one and only purpose - one of the government's biggest secrets, guys - was to place into space intelligence-gathering satellites. These satellites cost about $800 million apiece (back then) and the Pentagon spends well over one billion dollars annually (back then), just to maintain them. The National Reconnaissance Office was not even acknowledged to EXIST, until a few years ago. At present, it has its own website. Look up the Popular Science article, it's well worth reading, even if it IS inaccurate, and also - "old hat". The enigma of it is, that it leaves you high and dry as to why it would even be necessary, at all. The article states that "the rumor about reading license plates in the Kremlin parking lot may not be far from the truth". Far from the TRUTH? I understand that the resolution is so good that they can read the VIN # on a vehicle, forget reading the license plate! Oh, did you notice the subtle undertone in the article, as to who our enemy is supposed to be? Did you get that little innuendo - "in the KREMLIN parking lot"? Spare us --- please. At this point in time, it makes no difference WHO'S in the Kremlin parking lot, or the White House parking lot, or the parking lot at Buckingham Palace. They're all one and the same, politically. The APPARENT differences are merely for the sake of propagandizing the public, and mesmerizing the masses.

     Additionally, always remember --- if we are being told that something will be possible in the future, and the information comes from the regulated press, the Establishment's Media - 9 times out of 10, it is already a fact of life. While you're at it, check out the article on page 49 of that same issue of Popular Science. Sony's president at the time, Nobuyuki Idei, was just a figurehead. SONY, you know, is Standard Oil of New York, a Rockefeller operation.
     One of the most obvious things at Universal Studios, as well as all of the other theme parks and amusement parks we frequented, was the absolute "cattle mentality" of the visitors. No one but our group appeared to question ANYTHING. Of course, that could very well be because we were not under their subliminal CONTROLS, nor were we susceptible to the ELF or VLFIS signals being broadcast. Actually, it probably has more to do with the apathy of the American public. God has shown us how to protect ourselves, and if you'll listen - you'll be protected, too.
It bears repeating:
subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
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