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     With a little bit of ingenuity, you can feed yourselves rather inexpensively, and quite well, while taking the family to these places - if you must go. You can bring dried fruit, nuts, chia seeds, trail mix, granola bars, and other items that can be carried in pockets and purses. Don't subject yourselves to another man's mandate, at the cost of your family's health. Just because you are told that you are not allowed to bring in food from the outside...it ain't necessarily so. YOU need to take charge of your OWN health, and bring what you need to get you through the day. If anyone gives you grief, tell them that you are on a special diet --- you are. Better yet - don't go. It just furthers their nefarious agenda, and lightens your wallet wonderfully.
     While we're on the subject of amusement parks, just for the fun of it, take a look at how many people actually seem to be genuinely AMUSED. Sure, some of the people get a thrill out of the rides, and watching their children and grandchildren on them, but of all the people walking around, how many truly seem to be actually having FUN? That's what I thought - not many. I cannot imagine more FUN, than living a life full of the glory of God, and charged and energized by His Spirit. To see people totally healed of any and all diseases, to pray and see miraculous results, to watch the metamorphic transformation of an individual who has been given a second lease on life - now, THAT'S what I call entertainment! There are so many things that you can do for recreation and amusement, without spending a dime, AND without giving more money to the already immensely rich. More pointedly, without giving any more money to the immensely rich who finance the murder of babies, war, and who seek to enslave everyone on the planet. Why would you want to help, by funding them?

     Wait until you read about Disney - boy! has IT changed since Walt died - in the section called CHECKLIST OF CONTROLS, starting midway down on Page 18. It's not the Mickey Mouse Club anymore - Disney seems to be dominated by homosexuals, and according to my research, there are ties to those who are pushing THE NEW WORLD ORDER, with every major amusement park in the United States.
     Another subtle method used at some of the amusement parks and theme parks - possibly at ALL of them - by THE CONTROLLERS, is to expose people to ELF (EXTRA LOW FREQUENCY) sound waves and VLFIS (VERY LOW FREQUENCY SOUND) when they are in a controlled environment. Universal Studios, Disney-MGM Studios, and Epcot Center are some prime examples. We had some personal experiences with that, which will be expounded on, later. Both ELFs and VLFIS are undetectable by the conscious mind, and can be used in a controlled environment to create CONTROLLED people. An excellent vehicle for them, is in an enclosed theater, as is common in theme parks. During the viewing of what appears, on the surface, to be an innocuous film clip, or an innovative 3-D virtual reality adventure, the human brain is bombarded by these ELF and VLFIS waves.

When particular signals are perceived by the subconscious, which is an instantaneous procedure, the brain is temporarily rendered null and void of individual, original thought. This leaves the brain totally susceptible to auto-suggestion, regardless of how foreign that suggestion may be to that person's innate convictions and beliefs. The ONLY thing that seems to be iron-clad insurance against the onslaught of subliminal propaganda, is to be sold out 100%, lock-stock-and-barrel, to God. Let me clarify that statement. If the zeal of the Lord consumes you, if you are NEVER ashamed of Him, or His Son, or the Holy Ghost, if you have the signs following - which is sure evidence of a True Believer - then, your mind, soul, and spirit will be shielded.

     This is not to be taken as a license to liberty. The information is only given, to bring glory to God. If your spiritual mindset is "I'm a sheep when with the flock, and the rest of the time - I'm not" - your brain will be as nakedly exposed as if you had never heard of the Gospel. There are many other ways to disconnect yourself, which will be addressed later, but THIS one, being sold out to God, is ESSENTIAL. Just make absolutely sure you are His sheep, or you also, will be deceived, CONTROLLED, and down-the-river-sold. I cannot stress to you enough - be very sure that you KNOW, and are KNOWN BY - God and His Son, or you will fall prey to the machinations of Lucifer - OLYMPIAN STYLE.

     Folks, if you don't believe that the controls operating in the theme parks are THAT prevalent, you need to take a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Participate in the Terminator 2:3-D Adventure, if it still exists. The hostess sounds like a "robotic", and a sorry excuse for one, at that. The labyrinth that you go through to get to it, takes forever - almost. Everyone is REPEATEDLY advised that the rules and regulations imposed on them, are "FOR YOUR SAFETY". Filming is strictly prohibited, although someone in our bunch managed to do it, anyway. The excuse given is - "possible eye-retina damage". WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN????? The theatre is freezing cold. The noise defies description. No warnings were given to parents of how terrifying it will be, for toddlers and babies, especially. The 3-D glasses everyone dutifully puts on, bring the screen to life as REALITY, and the performance is blood-curdling. Amidst children screaming in terror, the adults sat there resembling zombies; a perfect environment for ELF and VLFIS pulsations. The audience is showered with mist and some kind of plastic "plasma blasts", and the senses assailed from every direction. A classic case of FUTURE SHOCK technology at work, and best of all - you PAY for the indoctrination. Incredible.

     Amazing what a human being will do for a thrill. Our "observers" noticed the intense sense of reality - concrete reality - experienced, while viewing the film. Although they all KNEW it was purely a performance, a transmission on a screen, the FEELING was that it was really happening. It's the old axiom - that anything vividly imagined, is perceived by the brain to be an actual, factual event. Oh, you think that's a bunch of rot? Maxwell Maltz wrote all about it in 1960, in his book Psycho-Cybernetics. Why don't you get a copy, and read what he had to say?
It bears repeating:
subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
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