When the plane crashed, not only was Ron Brown killed, but so were 34 other innocent people, American people.  The maintenance chief in the radio shack was promised he'd be wealthy beyond measure - if he'd just shut down his NDR, Nondirectional Radio beacon at the correct time, sending the plane crashing into Sveti Ivan, St. John's Hill - a 2,400 ft. tall mountain. He complied, and --- BIG SURPRISE --- was rewarded appropriately 3 days later, with a bullet in the chest. Cause of death? ​Yet another "SUICIDE", accompanied by the typical lie - sorry, explanation -  about depression and trouble at home. The shutdown of his radio beacon was timed to synchronize with the turning ON of another beacon - A DECOY. Result? IFOR-21 crashes, and explodes. The air traffic controller could have shed some light on the subject, but he ALSO committed "SUICIDE", AND the tapes that he could have provided - mysteriously vanished. Furthermore, the Air Force squashed the investigation - FOR THE FIRST TIME IN AIR FORCE HISTORY.

     There was ONE SURVIVOR, and you may as well add her to the list, because SHELLY KELLY, the stewardess who was riding in the tail of the plane, never made it to the hospital. That's odd, because when the Croatian Special Forces arrived on the scene, she had sustained only MINOR CUTS and BRUISES. After the "rescue" ride in the helicopter, she had a neat, deep, 3-inch incision over the main artery in her leg. According to our sources, this cut was made at least 3 hours after she sustained the other injuries. Sound fishy? 

     Now, for the question behind the crash - why was Ron Brown's death deemed necessary? Why, because he was under investigation from roughly seven different departments of the government, including his own - Commerce. What those investigations would have revealed, might have cost Clinton the presidency.  Well, Ron Brown didn't get the chance to testify to anything - ever. His voice was permanently silenced on April 3,1996. 

     It took 9 BULLETS to silence him from exposing Clinton's "sexcapades".  Jerry owned a security company in Little Rock, Arkansas. In 1991, he contracted to provide private security for the Clinton campaign headquarters there. His business had supplied guards for President Clinton during his presidential campaign, and subsequent transition.  As a result, he had quite a bit of knowledge about Clinton's comings and goings.  For six years, he had methodically assembled information documenting Clinton's sexual forays.  Allegedly, Clinton also owed him over $80,000.  Jerry Parks' son best summed up the reason his dad was killed.  He said - "...they had my father killed, to save Bill Clinton's political career." The evidence he collected? Haven't seen it...Jerry Parks life was cut short September 26, 1993.

     John and James are used interchangeably for him. He was a Washington, D.C., councilman, extremely reputable. According to reliable sources, he was ready to come forward with vital information, damaging to the Clinton presidency, when he had "an abrupt change of heart", and instead - HUNG himself. Ruled a "SUICIDE", of course. He was sacrificed May 19, 1993.

    Another liability eliminated.  He was a reporter, investigating the web of Whitewater, Mena, Arkansas drug drops, the BCCI, the Iran-Contra affair, and the suspicious dealings of the Park-O-Meter Co. Incidentally, the Park-O-Meter Co. manufactured the dope-storage nose cones for the airplanes 
at Mena. These entities were all linked into the ADFA, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority.  Clinton's pet name for this network was THE OCTOPUS. Just before Danny Casolaro was to receive concrete information linking all of these together, HE "decided" to commit "SUICIDE". He was found 
in a bathtub in West Virginia, with his wrists slit.  So much for freedom of the press.  The date of his untimely demise - August of 1991.

     Paul Wilcher was an attorney for the nation's capital, investigating Mena, Arkansas.  He had been scheduled for a meeting with Danny Casolaro's former lawyer. Needless to say, the meeting never took place. He was found dead, sitting on his toilet, and the death ruled "SUICIDE" - however, he had it seems that he had been killed elsewhere, while tied in a fetal position, and rigor mortis set in. In order to further the illusion of yet another "SUICIDE", it appeared that he had been brought back to his apartment and placed on the commode - a feeble, botched attempt to make it look like a natural death. When a person dies when they are sitting down, their body does not freeze into that position. The body falls over. Click his name at the left top of this paragraph for more...

    He was Clinton's presidential campaign finance committee manager; frequently seen with large amounts of cash. Well, that's not a crime. Get this - he died THE SAME DAY that his wife, Kathleen Willey alleged Clinton had been "groping" her in the Oval Office. Ed was found in the woods of Virginia, dead of a gunshot wound to the head. Another "SUICIDE" - November of 1993.

     ANOTHER former Clinton bodyguard - MAN, that was a dangerous job! He was once former President Clinton's Chief of Security. During the Oklahoma City government-engineered bombing, he was conveniently taken out.  April 1995. 

It bears repeating:
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