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     He apparently had first-hand knowledge of the drugs that were air-dropped, and turned the information over to DEPUTY PROSECUTOR RICHARD GARRETT, one of the investigators.  The only thing that came out of his "investigations" was a string of eyewitness murders. Keith was of the opinion that he had talked to the WRONG people. Fearing what lay ahead, he bid his family farewell, made his own funeral arrangements, and prepared to die. He didn't have long to wait. Within a matter of days, he was found dead - stabbed 113 times. Miraculously, no one PRESUMED to rule it a suicide. He was slaughtered November of 1988.

     Here's another one in a long line of Saline County, Arkansas murders. He failed to appear to testify before the Grand Jury, in reference to Kevin and Don's demise. Method of elimination - shotgun to the face. His assassination - January 1989.

     A friend of Keith Coney and Gregory Collins, another young man. He unexpectedly disappeared and is presumed dead. He obviously knew too much, and was dispatched in March of 1989.

This young man was shot in the head, his body was burned, and his hands and feet were partly 
cut off. His body was unceremoniously dumped into the city dump. He had also told people that he knew too much about Kevin Ives, Don Henry, and Keith McMaskle's murders, and was done away 
with April of 1989.
     He was cut down by a 12-gauge sawed-off shotgun, during a robbery apparently staged to cover his murder. He was another Grand Jury witness who never lived to tell his tale. His annihilation was in 
July of 1989.
     Believed to have been involved in the McMaskle murder, he was found dead in his truck, slain by 
a shotgun blast to the head. His death was ruled a "SUICIDE";  his body cremated before an autopsy could be performed. Murdered - June1990.  

     Another witness who was to testify before the Grand Jury, in regards to suspicious goings-on in Arkansas. He never made it to court. He was shot in the face and killed - June of 1995. The Clintons influence camouflaged, obstructed, and prevented ANY TYPE OF JUSTICE from being served in the above cases.  There is literally TONS of information on what happened in 1987, both online, and in books, and on DVDs and VHS tapes. Do a bit of research yourself - and weep..

     For a comprehensive overview on the Arkansas murders, click on the red X here...

     Blood doesn't run uphill, does it? There are MANY excellent sources of the TRUTH behind the VINCENT WALKER FOSTER, JR murder. Check out these two links, for starters - FBI coverup, and World Affairs Brief. He served as the Deputy White House Counsel during Clinton's 1st term of office, and was also a law partner and "friend" of Hillary Rodham Clinton. What is that saying? - KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE, AND YOUR ENEMIES - CLOSER. Suffice it to say, he was silenced - just as he had revealed that he was about to blow the lid on the Clintons hidden activities. Conveniently, his autopsy was done by a Dr. James Breyer, who seemed compelled beyond himself to rule clear-cut cases of MURDER, as suicide.  Another classic case of - DON'T GET CLOSE TO THE CLINTONS! Foster's fatal finale occurred July 20, 1993.

    This one is so transparent, a child could decipher the deceit. Ron Brown served as the United
States Secretary of Commerce, during President Bill Clinton's during first term, just as Vince Foster. He was the first African American to hold this position. He was killed in a plane that crashed while on an official trade mission, coming back from Bosnia. I did NOT say he was killed IN the plane crash, because the evidence points ELSEWHERE. Death from a plane crash does not usually leave perfectly round holes in one's skull. Ron Brown had one. Bullets from guns leave holes like that, BUT - his death was attributed to the crash. The Air Force jet, a CT-43A, the military version of a Boeing 73, carrying Brown and 34 other people, including New York Times Frankfurt Bureau Chief Nathaniel C. Nash, crashed into a mountainside in Croatia. For much detailed information, see Jack Cashill's site. Horrible flying conditions were cited, and pilot error, etc, etc. Well, check out the weather reports for that day, when IFOR-21, crashed.  It was NOT the worst storm in a decade, nor was it a dark stormy night - it was early afternoon; the weather was fine.  The breeze blowing at the time was only one degree off from being an exact headwind for the landing of the plane. Read this article, do your own research. You still don't believe?  Well, for starters - go get a back issue of Aviation Week magazine for that time period, or Space Technology. They both portray the weather that day, for that area, as almost totally opposite of what we read in Newsweek. That was the first lie we were told, and it snowballs from there. Well, just LOOK at some of the people who have been involved with THAT magazine! High financiers and world manipulators Averill Harriman, Ward Cheney, John Hay Whitney, Paul Mellon, Jacob Astor. That should give you a good clue as to NEWSWEEK'S mindset!
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