While we're at it, exposing the Plastic Toys for Tots, Junk Just for Juveniles, and Synthetics to Sicken Sucklings programs - let's talk about baby formula. Does anyone in the reading audience know why a cow has an udder? No...not so you can drink cow's milk. Let's see if you can guess another one, and I'll make this one easier. How does a mother dog feed her pups? Purina Puppy Pap - who SAID THAT? WRONG, again. Sorry...I overestimeated you guys.

All right...let's try another tack. Why does a woman have breasts? No, the answer is NOT "to decorate her chest". Where have you BEEN? A woman's breasts are there, so that she can NOURISH her young! Obviously, some of you have been reading the wrong things, watching trash on TV, and polluting your minds. Grow up! 

Those breasts are there, not only to differentiate between the sexes - which is getting harder and harder to do with each passing day - but, so that when she gives birth, that baby will have unique, perfect food - formulated just for THAT child. There is NO BETTER FOOD for an infant, than his mother's milk. How much cheaper and simpler can you get?

Mother's milk is sterile, dispensed at the perfect temperature, contains natural antibiotics, is LOADED is vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, is always ready at a moment's notice, is portable, and costs NOTHING! What more do you want?

So...what gives? Why do you buy formula? There are plenty of nursing mothers around who will provide milk for your baby, if for some unknown reason - probably fallacious - that you cannot. Lots of them are willing to sell their milk to you. What do you mean - "The government won't let them."? Who ever said that they should be involved? Since WHEN do we ask their permission to do what is right and good for our families? You DO??? Shame on YOU! How do you think we survived, as human beings, before Similac or Enfamil? Haven't you ever heard of a wet nurse? Lots of black slaves nursed their white masters. Millions of women have nursed their children. Our family never considered any other option. 

It is a proven fact, that most babies who are nursed are healthier, happier, handsomer, and smarter. So, what's the hang up? SOMEONE - GUESS WHO? - has sold you another bill of good, and YOU BOUGHT IT! Do you know that there are NO live enzymes in baby formulas? Do you know that nursing mothers rarely have colicky babies? Are you aware of the fact that COLOSTRUM, the fluid that is secreted by the mammary glands a few days before and a few days after childbirth, actually SEALS the baby's intestines and gives them immunity to disease, that lasts about six months?

With all of these pluses - WHY, oh WHY, would millions of parents buy formula for their infants and toddlers? BECAUSE - they've been told that it is THE THING TO DO. They've bought the lie, that it will ruin a woman's breasts, or that formula is better, or that nursing is messy - or any one of the other hundreds of lies about breast feeding. The government helps to promote it, through their WIC program - Woman, Infants and Children. Your sister used it, your mother used it, your neighbor used it, your best friend used it. The mother works, so she can't nurse. POPPYCOCK! There are plenty of ways around that. Any excuse is as good as the next. You didn't know any better - THAT one, I'll buy. You just didn't want to - THAT, is usually the TRUTH. 

Well. folks, you have once again made the wealthy - wealthier, because - guess who MAKES baby formula? None other than - tada! tada! tada! blare of trumpets - Abbot Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb/Mead Johnson, Nestlé, among others. Three guesses as to who controls them, and the first two guesses don't count. You got it - ILLUMINATI AND COMPANY.

They are not content to let ANYTHING slip by their watchful eyes. Formula is "just the ticket" to start your child off right. WRONG, once again. Their quality control is so good, that once, years ago, someone slipped and added salt instead of sugar to one huge batch of formula. Honest mistake, you say? Lots and lots of infants DIED.  I don't recall that ever happening to a mother's milk - the ultimate tamper-proof product. Not much was really said about that one, if I recall. THE OLYMPIANS seem to have a "thing" about salt.

Salt, in solution, is the same thing that's been used by them in their abortion clinics, to perform one of the various types of MURDER they specialize in. That's when they are not busy sending their henchmen to burn churches, or using tanks, nerve gas, and helicopters to annihilate innocent men, women, and children, or - formenting wars, or - arranging the slaughter of patriots in jail, or - dealing out death in our food and water, or - developing prescription drugs that kill, or - hounding sovereigns who are Freemen, and OUT of their diabolical system. Salt is cheap, and effective. The saline solution injected into the amniotic sac, burns off the top layer of the baby's skin, the baby ingests the fluid, and VOILA! - you have a dead baby. SICKENING, ISN'T IT?

THE OLYMPIANS know NO law, but survival of the fittest. The funny thing is, that they've made themselves fit for just one thing - DESTRUCTION. One day, soon - they'll get their just desserts, and SALT will be involved. God's people, who are called "the salt of the earth", are still occupying until Jesus returns. Believe me, that SALT is going to be rubbed into the wounds that God will inflict on THE OLYMPIANS. They shall obtain no mercy, who have shown none.

Warriors, this section has been about some of the things that are being done to your offspring. May you take it to heart, and revolt. You need no guns for this one - just get your children out of their clutches, and keep them safe in your arms. Our Father is watching, you know - and you have just been warned.

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It bears repeating:
subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
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