I have touched on this elsewhere - here's more information. Paul Harvey stated that microwave ovens hold a lethal charge, even after being unplugged. Sadly, a man was found dead, by his wife, in Lexington, Kentucky. He had unplugged the microwave, preparing to repair it. When he removed the back of it, he apparently touched a capacitor, and was electrocuted. The labels on some microwaves state DO NOT REPAIR YOUR MICROWAVE YOURSELF. Well, actually - you really shouldn't USE one, if you can avoid it. I use one, sparingly.

The heat that is generated by a microwaves, creates heat stress on your body, when you eat the microwaved food. It sets your body's molecules into rapid motion, unnaturally. The organs that have been named to be specifically at risk are: the eyes, the gall bladder, the digestive tract, the bladder, and the testes - if you're a man. Cooking food in microwave ovens depletes their vitamins and minerals severely, alters their chemical composition, and appears to make us more susceptible to cancer.

Do you think THE OLYMPIANS know this? Certainly! So, what are we faced with at the grocery stores today? Thousands of food items that are "MICROWAVEABLE". From donuts to TV dinners, pizza to cake mixes, pies to burritos - almost every processed food that is available, is packaged in a box that screams - NOW - MICROWAVEABLE. Sure,...cook yourself to death.

There are some well-researched websites, which expose the dangers of cooking your food in a microwave oven. Why don't you read what THEY have to say, right from them? Click on the photo of the microwave oven, the flames, or the cell phone, if you want to know why microwave ovens are to be used with discretion.

My advice is - don't use them, unless you have no other choice. Your body will thank you.

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We have another neurotoxin to avoid - soy products. Not the whole soybean - the Orientals have been using it for centuries, with no ill effects. But, WE are being fed it, fractionated - in burgers, packaged mixes, and a host of other things too numerous to be listed here. Tofu is not a whole food; soybeans are. Miso is not a whole food; soybeans are. Hydrolyzed soy protein is not a whole food; soybeans are. Our issue is NOT with soybeans - it is with fractionated soy products. There appears to be something in these products, especially hydrolyzed soy protein, that actually DESTROYS the natural chemicals in our BRAINS, which are involved in inhibitory controls. NO WONDER people are uninhibitedly doing such bizarre things, as though they have NO CONTROL over their actions! 
Yet another part of the puzzle emerges. Baby formulas are extremely suspect. Years ago, several universities notified the baby formula industry about the dangers of soy in baby formula. Soy is not the wonderful health food that everyone THINKS it is. Read more about the dangers of soy, by clicking on the soybeans.
Mothers, if you don't breast feed, what do you use? Soy based formula, usually. How good is it for your baby? Not very. All you have to do, is a little bit of research, to discover the facts about soy based infant and toddler formula, and how safe it is for your baby. The people who manufacture baby formula, are all tied in to THE PLANNERS. Check out other alternatives - there are many. Best bet, gals - nurse your babies. Husbands - encourage them.
So many "health food" products for vegetarians contain soy protein, in several different forms. The ONLY form that is really safe, is the whole, natural, non-genetically modified soybean. Listen to what Dr. Mercola has to say about soy, by clicking on his photo. To discover MORE reasons to avoid soy, click on the box to the right. To find out about Genetically Modified Organisms, click HERE.

Just read this one - another quote to cherish, from Zbigniew Brzezinski. This was written in his The Technotronic Era treatise. He said, and I quote - 

"Finally, looking ahead to the end of the century, the possibility of BIOCHEMICAL MIND 
CONTROL and GENETIC TINKERING with man, including BEINGS which will function LIKE 
MEN and REASON LIKE THEM as well, could give rise to some difficult questions."

Neat, HUH? Emphasis - mine.
It bears repeating:
The opinions expressed here are purely mine. Any references to real people are purely --- INTENTIONAL.
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