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This page was last updated: October 29, 2022
     WOULD YOU PLEASE WAKE UP!!! Not ONLY are THE OLYMPIANS plotting your demise, planning 
to reduce the Earth's population to the amount of people THEY wish to control...but they are blasting it right in your FACES, and you don't get it! Check out THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES. Those books and movies about MIND CONTROLRADIO WAVESELECTRONIC MANIPULATIONINFRASOUND EMANATIONS, and SECRET SOCIETIES & HIDDEN AGENDAS are either from THEM, or they are from WHISTLE BLOWERS, or BOTH.  YOU think you're being entertained - THINK AGAIN - YOU ARE BEING CONDITIONED!

     When someone as prominent as Zbigniew Brzenzinski makes a public statement like that, about CLONING and ROBOTOIDS in an internationally distributed non-fiction book, you can rest assured that he does it intentionally. He obviously was privy to a lot of information that most of us are NOT.
     I have spoken face-to-face with people who appeared to be ANIMATED CORPSES - no levity involed here, Remnant.  There have only been a few who struck me that way, but the impression that I got from them, which came across STRONGLY, was DEATH and CORRUPTION. Worse than dealing with a demoniac - I've had THAT experience, too.  The sensation was that of conversing 
with a COLD, CALCULATING, CONNIVING ANIMATED CORPSE.  Visions of zombies leapt at me, accompanied by scenes from "The Night of the Living Dead". My skin doesn't crawl easily, and I have dealt with some diabolical individuals in my intense life, but THESE "PEOPLE", if that's the proper term for them, were horses of a different color.  They didn't even have a normal skin tone.

     Now, there may be a very logical explanation for their unsettling appearances - drugs, hypnosis, brainwashing - I don't know. If any of you DO, pass the information along to me, PLEASE. When I confronted them with some factual discrepancies between their "nice, professional, soothing" front, and the activities in which I knew them to be engaged , the "masks" came off, their countenances distorted, and their language went to the dogs.

     In a matter of SECONDS, the "PEOPLE" who had duped many of my associates into funneling money into their pockets, began vituperously attacking ME, for telling the others --- THE TRUTH. I knew that something was terribly wrong with these "folks", but did not have eyeball-to-eyeball confirmation, until the confrontation that ripped off their DISGUISES

     WHEW! What an UGLY revelation! My thoughts were - "Isn't this INTERESTING. I'm sitting here with a smile on my face, speaking THE TRUTH, and they are LOSING IT!" They went from pussy-cats to saber-toothed tiger, in one fell swoop!

     ​I cannot stress to you enough, fellow contenders for the faith - you are either a WARRIOR, in the ARMY OF GOD - or - through your wishy-washy willy-nilly ways, you are a WIMP. Wimps get wiped out, and if you ARE one, you may as well defect to the enemy, because those of us in His army who really ARE WARRIORS will have to walk over you, to win the WAR.
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