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     ​VERY IMPORTANT - DON'T FORGET TO TEST YOUR FAVORITE FOOD! Sorry, but it may be one of the culprits robbing you of energy and sanity. I would pay particular attention to any food you get at a fast food restaurant.  "Checkers" fries are mind-altering vehicles, as evidenced repeatedly in my own home, with my own family.  I have tested them over and over again;  just to obtain consistently negative results every single time.  Also - some to avoid like the plague, are: Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, and Hungry Howies.  Sit-down restaurants that have brought similarly undesirable  results are: Applebees, Chili's, Olive Garden, and Red Lobster. Stick to your local, privately owned restaurants - THEY have a vested interest in keeping you ALIVE.

     Be creative - this is FUN, no matter how heinous THE PLAN is. God's truth revealed is always exciting, stimulating, and energizing.  If you are fortunate enough to have children, get them involved - they'll really light up when they see some of the secret hidden things of God unfold right before their eyes.  Very few folks went through our home for a long time, without someone suggesting that I test them.  The relative sizes of the "tester" and the "testee" made no difference.  I have seen a petite little lady drop the arm of a 6'4" bruiser, with EASE.  You should have seen the look on HIS face! 

     Pay special attention to greasy, fried foods, as opposed to baked or broiled.  Observe the difference in a woman's strength when she's wearing jeans, and when she's wearing a skirt. THAT'S INTERESTING.  There's a particular REASON why women are better off wearing skirts, no bondage intended.  The females in my family wear both.  Consider the difference in the structure of a woman's pelvic bones, and a man's.  Then, think again about that heavy nylon stitching that runs all around the crotch of pants, mostly jeans.  I hope you make the connection - it's an important one.
     One test that ALWAYS shocks everyone, is when you tell them that their money, i.e. the coins that they carry around, is a drain on their energy supply, and you can PROVE it. There was more than meets the eye, to the plan behind the SILVER being removed from our coins, in 1964.  That was the last year that we had silver dimes, silver quarters, silver half dollars, and silver dollars on a regular basis.  Give them a bunch of quarters and dimes that are in circulation now - you know - what we spend on a daily basis. Do the test on them.  THEN, give them the exact same amount of quarters and dimes, in silver. You will hardly be able to budge their arms. Silver has many properties that are not commonly known to the general public, such as - it combats bacteria, fights infection, and allows energy to course freely through your body. Since we have not been using it as one of our forms of monetary exchange - LOOK AT ALL OF THE DIFFERENT INFECTIONS AND STRANGE DISEASES cropping up!  And - you think there is no connection? I beg to differ.
     Oh! Before I leave the subject of foods to be tested, do a test with half of the same food cooked in a microwave, and half of it cooked in the oven.  Try to get the portions as exact as possible, without a gram scale or slide rule.  You will DEFINITELY get an education on THAT one, one that doctors never receive.  Once you GET the understanding, KEEP it.  It is marvelous to know THE TRUTH, but if you don't ACT on that knowledge, you are better off not knowing it.  This one simple test, that I call THE ENERGYGRAPH, will teach you more in half an hour, about what is GOOD FOR A BODY, than you could learn in a year at a university. KNOWLEDGE without APPLICATION, is nothing.  Once you SEE, with your OWN eyes, you will not be able to deny the evidence.  A wise, godly man once said that - "The man who has had an experience, is NEVER at the mercy of a man who has only a theory".  The human body is WONDERFULLY made, as King David said - "I will praise Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." --- Psalms 139:14.  In Ephesians, the Word says - "For we are His WORKMANSHIP..."  What an absolute HONOR! 

     A last thought - God reveals the secrets of the universe to those who seek them, or actually, to those who seek Him.  In Daniel 2:22, it states - "He revealeth the deep and secret things".  God's people need no SECRET SOCIETIES , no need to utter unmentionable oaths, and have no need to memorize top secret passwords, to have wisdom and knowledge.  The key, is to ASK GOD FOR IT, and THEN, you get it.  A heart and a mind that thirst for knowledge, a teachable spirit to receive it, and a willingness to share it --- that's it. Very simple. May God bless you with new understanding, wisdom, and zeal.  You should be FREE, and you can be - today.

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