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subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
     Another institution, to accept your contribution, and diagnose your constitution. The AMA has a way of instilling paranoia into the BOLDEST of souls. Biopsies, X-rays, Pap smears, diabetes testing, electrocardiograms, breast exams - a panoply for their fear tactics. How many people have you heard of, who felt FINE, until they went in for their "yearly check-up"? All a doctor has to do, is look grave, sigh, and shake his head - and fear grips you. Until they went to see their doctor, they felt just fine. 
After the visit, they adopt the doctor's attitude, accept his diagnosis, and swallow his prognosis. If a doctor tells someone they only have six months to live, they BUY it. DON'T! Doctors are not God. Look after your own health, eat natural foods, and trust God. You'll be fine.

     Beloved, this section only covers a smattering of the things by which YOU are controlled by THEM. If I was going to expound on everything, this section would be a thousand pages long. I just wanted you to think for yourself, and find ways to purchase things that THEY do not control. There are a few manufacturers out there who still make quality items from natural materials. You just have to find them. Today, it should be easy, with the "Information Hotline" known as THE INTERNET. Often, things that are intended for evil, have good facets to them. The "Worldwide Web" may give those in power an easier time of tracking us and monitoring our every move - BUT - it also gives us the prime opportunity of finding each other and finding quality goods. 

     You know, brethren - you can live surrounded by natural things from the earth that are healthy for you, but if you do not live to please God, and you don't give thanks and praise to Him who provided all of these things for you, you'll leave one last HUGE chain around your soul. No amount of natural clothing or home decor or wholesome food will affect THAT control. 

     The most synthetic, man-made thing that exists in the world today, is "MODERN CHRISTIANITY". In Isaiah 29:13, it says - "Wherefore the Lord said, 'Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the PRECEPT OF MEN'..." - KJV Version. Take a moment, and re-read that. 

     That's EXACTLY the condition of Christianity in the world today. I see THAT situation, as the strongest CONTROL that THE OLYMPIANS have - FAR stronger than subliminal messages, the controls in our food and clothing and goods, or any infra-sound waves...the decimation and dilution of the Gospel, via the pulpits worldwide. The absolute PERVERSION of God's truth, through THEIR "new" versions of the Bible, the drivel that is taught in THEIR theological seminaries - (might as well make that THEIR theological CEMETERIES) - the weak, wimpy, "Christian" books that THEY publish, the form of godliness THEY promote, denying the power thereof, AND the license THEY insist that a church has - the 501(C)3, that "ALLOWS" one to operate, tax-free. 

     All of these factors are part of THEIR PLAN, to undermine the TRUTH, and create wimps instead of warriors. Make me nauseous, it does...

     Instead of POWER and MIGHT, TRUTH and JUSTICE, HONOR and HONESTY, the pastors and the priests spew out a watered-down, castrated gospel from the pulpits, a "gospel" not even worthy of association with His name. The theological cemeteries - MY term for the seminaries - serve to successfully kill any zeal a student might have for the Lord, by philosophizing him to death. After a few years of this indoctrination, if he sufficiently "fits their mold", he is given back to society to "preach" their propaganda from the pulpit. 

     Any of the preachers who dissent, and virulently object to the heinous slaughter of innocents - whether it be in the abortion "clinics", or in Arkansas, or in Idaho, or in Waco, Texas - stand a good chance of being under fire - sometimes, literally. 

     If they come against wickedness in HIGH PLACES, and name names, or attempt to operate a church without getting a LICENSE from the GOVERNMENT, the "Powers That Be", whipped to a killing frenzy by what THEY consider insubordination, just might send out the ATF to "eliminate the rebels". Who do you think was responsible for the burning down of those churches a few years ago? Who do you think annihilated the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas? One was a nursing mother, another was a young boy still engaged in eating his French toast, and there were many others - men, women, and CHILDREN! Ask anyone their opinion on what happened there - you'll get one of four responses, only ONE bearing the ring of truth. 

     Response #1 - Oh, but they were a CULT! Okay, let's examine that response. I thought this was the nation that allowed and encouraged freedom of worship. Isn't it? So, a lot of people get together, live together, and study the Word of God together, and just happen to believe differently than most of you --- SO WHAT? What IS a cult? Even the modern Merriam-Webster paperback dictionary that I have, defines it as follows - "Cult. 1. Formal religious veneration - for those of you who don't know what that means, the same dictionary defines 'veneration' as 'adoration, reverence, worship'." (So far, so good.) "Cult. 2. A religious system: also, its adherents." (No problem there, right?) "Cult. 3. Faddish devotion; also: a group of persons showing such devotion." (Okay, they're allowed to do that, aren't they?) SO, what's wrong with a CULT? NOT A THING, unless you are the GOVERNMENT, and you want to brainwash people into thinking there is. Their MOUTHPIECE, the REGULATED PRESS, always tells us the same thing. They were a CULT. Well, now you have the truth on THAT one. 

     Let's examine the other three common responses to what happened in Waco, Texas years ago...
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