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subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
     THEY produce, for our viewing and indoctrination pleasure, films from time to time full of value and virtue - some even appear to espouse our cause and tell the TRUTH. Included in these films, is a good dollop of MIND CONTROL. Many of these films are geared to the younger viewing audiences, to "get 'em while they're young". A good example of that, is E.T., one of the most popular movies of all time. VERY few people picked up on the vile words, right in the beginning of the movie, uttered by one of the main characters - a young boy. He said the words to his brother. During a mild spat of sibling rivalry, he hurls - "penis-breath!" at his brother. As an adult who has led an extremely UNSHELTERED life, I vow before you all - I've NEVER heard ANYONE else use that terminology. That particular invented expletive, conjures up some NASTY thoughts...precisely according to THE PLAN. 
If you follow the accusation through, that boy is subtly accusing his brother of some dirty deeds. Any NUMBER of terms could have been utilized in that brotherly spat - "creep, jerk, nerd, twit, maggot, dork, freak, idiot, moron", and so forth. None of them are exactly desirable, but none of them are lewd. THAT phrase is LEWD, inappropriate, and completely uncalled-for. Well, why was it IN there? For shock value, to introduce a new term into children's minds, and to inject a prurient interest into the viewing audiences' minds - a SEED, if you will. That specific phrase was included by DESIGN. 

     Recently, one of my family members brought home the video, Billy Madison. It was viewed for about 15 minutes, before they were sent back to the video store with it, under protest. Some of their friends were at the house, and obviously did not understand my reasoning. The "humor" that was portrayed - just in those first 15 minutes - was scatological, crude, degrading, and offensive. The adolescents who were there viewing it, thought it was a riot. The parent in charge, ME, thought it was an outrage. 

     You know, I could expose things in movies to you that would shock you, once you saw them for yourself. The G-rated movies, the PG's, and the PG-13's are particularly suspect. I don't have the time, nor, I'll bet - do you, to go frame by frame and LOOK for these "control tactics". I DO have the time to educate you on some of the more obvious ones. 

     First off, you need to realize that THEY are after our children's MINDS! Maybe OUR spirits are strong enough to reject their subtle subliminal messages and overcome the mind control, but our children's are NOT. I once knew a woman who allowed her young son to view or hear just about anything. She attempted to justify her behavior by telling me that she just "laid hands over his ears, and asked the Lord to block it out"....HUH? Nice cop-out for abnegating responsibility and absolving oneself from guilt. I had a hard time countering THAT with loving exhortation, believe me. 

     Then, there are parents I know, who take their children to movies, or watch movies at home, that should not be seen by ANYONE. They tell their kids to shut their eyes, cover their ears, or duck their heads. Oh, please! Are we such sheep? What kind of a Christian example is that? Covering your ears does NOT protect you from the ELF's - extra low frequency sound waves - or the VLFIS - very low frequency infra sound waves. They are both just two of the methods used to control your brain. 

     The cinema is the perfect vehicle for them, in addition to other channels that are used. Here are some of the "trigger words" that are implemented to get our attention: SUCCESS, ETHICS, RACE, LOVE, MONEY, ALIEN, DANGER, DEATH, LIFE, EGO, SECURE, DISEASE, SEX, HOME, MUSIC, RELIGION, YOU, and FREE. Those, among a few others that I will give you, are some of the strongest words available to man, to evoke certain "triggers" in our brains. They are "TRIGGER WORDS'. Here are some more: HATE, KILL, DESTROY, MURDER, VIOLENCE, MOTHER, BABY, EMOTION, RICHES, NOW, CONTROL, BEAUTY, and PEACE. I am telling you, these words elicit a STRONG emotional response in a human being's brain. Once THEY have your attention, they immediately follow up with their AGENDA. 

     Medical science has proven over and over again, that our brains outperform the most sophisticated computer ever made. We do NOT forget ANYTHING, not truly. Our subconscious mind is a treasure chest of information that we aren't even aware we KNOW. There are well-documented experiments that have been done with sodium pentothol, or technically, sodium thiopentol, that illustrate what things are hidden in our minds, of which we are unaware. Anyone who has studied hypnotism to any degree, is well aware of the immense wealth of information stored in man's brain - hidden away, but THERE, nonetheless. Shades of icebergs come to mind - the subconscious may be buried and unseen, but it is the basis for all conscious actions and reactions. THE OLYMPIANS know the incredible power of suggestion, and they pack their movies full of them, to CONTROL us. 

     In an old book I have, The Soviet Art of Brainwashing, some of the techniques used many years ago strike a painfully familiar note. You all should buy it, and read it. The book contains the text from the Communist Manual of Instructions for Psychological Warfare, and the material in it dates back to the mid-1930"s! The only additions to it, are from the man who disseminated it, AND the Communists elitists, who added the summary after the detonation of the Atomic Bomb. This manual gives, in detail, the plans for the destruction of "Capitalist society and Christian civilization". One section, in particular, addresses the matter of psychopolitics thus - the "art of capturing the minds of a nation, through the brainwashing and fake mental health" programs. On the FACE of it, the book appears to "merely" lay out plans to subject some nations to the control of the Kremlin, by capturing their MINDS. However, you should know by now that the agenda is TOTAL CONTROL OF THE WHOLE WORLD, under the auspices of the NEW WORLD ORDER, and the ultimate CONTROLLER here on Earth, is LUCIFER. He has many aliases, and several pet minions, but he is at the top. The control of our cinemas falls under the 6th and 10th planks of the Communist Manifesto - control of all education and control of all communication. 
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