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subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
     Unfortunately, the Illuminati is all to willing to give us death - that is, death to any of us who stand up to them and expose their evil deeds. That's okay - they're just doing us a favor, and exposing their TRUE nature. Khrushchev accurately predicted that we would be taken over without a shot being fired, and that we would destroy ourselves from within. What most folks don't know, is that he wasn't referring to "Communism" taking us over, but the group of people he hung around with, who instituted Communism - and fund it still. Their true nature is deceit and lies, death and destruction; and they're the ones with the permanently smiling faces who sell us what we buy! 

     Allow me to explain, regarding the preceding lists from Page 1 of CHECKLIST OF CONTROLS. There are specific reasons for everything on those lists. I shall not cover every single item, but you'll have enough information to carry on for yourself.
     Must you all be plastered to your cell phones every moment of the day? Their operation is not good for your brain, or your intelligence, either. Ear buds are worse. Use your cell phone with a speaker, and for pity's sake, interact with the human beings around you. When you are on your cell phone, you have a plastic wireless device right up against your ear. Not a good idea. 

     There is a battery in them, isn't there? That helps to "tune you right in" to their controls. If you must wear one, put a slide-through leather strap on it, to keep some of the metal away from your body.
     Think about it - you spend a lot of time sleeping. Why would you cover yourself up with a polyester blanket, or an acrylic one, or one made of blends? Natural fibers are GOOD for your body, your mind, and your energy. Buy cotton ones, or blankets made of wool. Make your own. Remove the nylon stitching in the binding and fringe the edges, or stitch the edges with cotton or wool. You'll sleep better, and wake up refreshed. I was given an acrylic blanket at some friends' home one time, when I was out of the country. That night, I slept on a man-made fiber couch of theirs. The next morning, I was stiff all over my body, especially in the neck area. I am used to sleeping without a pillow, on 100% cotton sheets. My blanket is 100% cotton, too. I am never stiff or sore in the morning. 

     You don't believe me? Try it yourself, and see what results you have.

     Almost all of the pens we use, are made of plastic. Think about it. You can get wood pens, stainless steel pens, or even gold plated pens. Why do we have to use plastic pens? Everything we touch leaves a bit of residue on us - try to get some that are made of healthy materials.

     Get 100% cotton towels, white, if you can. Some of the dyes used simply are not good for us. Do not assume the towels are 100% cotton, test them. I wrote a lot about that in the section entitled 
CLOTHING CONTROL CONNECTION. You'd be surprised how many towels are on the market, that are marked 100% cotton, but really are not. Cotton is extremely absorbent, and healthy for your body.

     Years ago, books were bound with leather or cloth. Today, a lot of them are covered in plastic. As you read them, you absorb a tiny bit more plastic. 

     They effectively produce dead food. Sure, they have improved them a lot since they were first introduced into the marketplace, but they have been shown to kill vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. The bacteria is still there. They used to be outlawed in Russia, however, they may be allowed today.

     I already addressed nylons at length, in the FOR LADIES ONLY section. When you wear nylons, you are literally swaddling the most delicate part of your body in synthetic materials. Your body feels suffocated, below the waist. I wore them on a regular basis, for years. Once I realized the effect they had on my body, I stopped. 

     The name alone - how appropriate! They are designed to tempt the "gourmet" in you, to eat yourself to death. Have you looked at some of the ingredients that are used in some of these "designer foods"? Take a good, hard, objective look - and stop eating them!
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