This same group, our sworn ENEMY, constantly babbles - "FOR YOUR SAFETY!". If you actually believe them - then, everything they conceive of, design, create, promote and sell; is FOR OUR SAFETY. Baloney! It is to secure CONTROL - OF us, FOR them. All sorts of idiotic things have been thrust upon us - for our "SAFETY", and "sheeple" that we ARE, we obey orders and follow directions to the letter. These same people print dire warnings on plastic trash bags, dry cleaner bags, grocery bags, and other items, about the dangers of letting small children play with them. Printed on the bags is - WARNING - THIS IS NOT A TOY! DANGER OF SUFFOCATION!, etc., etc. Yet...they sell us PLASTIC to diaper our babies' bottoms. The mothers of the world BUY their disposable diapers and put them on their infants and toddlers.

     Why couldn't disposable diapers be made of COTTON? It would certainly be a tremendous benefit to the cotton growers, it would create new jobs, and it would keep our babies MUCH healthier and happier. There would be fewer rashes, fewer ointments purchased, fewer doctor visits, fewer crabby babies, and MUCH LESS PLASTIC being discarded to pollute the planet. Isn't that what all of the environmentalists are always screaming about?

     The MAJOR players in the "Save Our Planet" movement today, are the very same people who manufacture the wares that DESTROY the natural environment. Typical satanic move - get 'em comin' and goin'. It's an ancient modus operandi of his, and he's still doing it. Don't you think it's about time we stopped HELPING him?

     Your child's bottom is tender and sensitive. Those nasty disposable diapers enclose his private parts in suffocating PLASTIC. Granted - the diaper is not likely to kill him, but your baby's little bottom needs to BREATHE! Stop encasing it in what is, basically, a plastic bag! If some enterprising entrepeneur reads this, he could make an absolute FORTUNE making cotton disposable diapers, with a waterproof outer layer of natural, biodegradable fabric. He'd be an instant HERO!

     I hope you got the point on that one; it is an important one. Now, let's take a look at some of the other new-fangled things the THE OLYMPIANS have created for our children. This list could be quite exhaustive, but we're giving you enough to get you thinking. Below are just a few things that THEY make for babies and toddlers - and WE dutifully BUY them. By the way - most of these are made in China, the country that cares - don't get riled - I'M BEING FACETIOUS. There have been numerous RECALLS on things MADE IN CHINA that have been found to be out-and-out TOXIC to the babies and infants, and yet, we continue to gleefully import their merchandise.


> Action figures
> Baby carriers
> Baby bottles
> Blankets
> Bibs
> Bassinets
> Books
> Bath toys
> Baby walkers
> Changing tables
> Child "leashes"
> Car seats
> Cribs
> Crib toys
> Coloring cloths
> Dolls
> Forks + spoons
> High chairs
> Mobiles
> Playhouses
> Pull toys
> Rattles
> Playpens
> Pacifiers
> Play mats
> Squeeze toys
> Sleeper suits
> Shoes
> Slides
> Stuffed animals
> Strollers
> Swing sets
> Training cups
> Teething rings
> Toy guns 
> Toy Trucks
> Toy cars
> Toy phones
> Toy watches
> Wagons
     I could go on - need I? Almost every single toy is made of TOXIC, ENERGY DRAINING PLASTIC. This present generation, and the previous one, has been exposed to more plastic in their formative years, than most of us have in our entire LIVES! Today, our little ones are inundated with plastic things, and it's taking a terrible toll of their health, and their behavior.

     Plastic rejects waste from our bodies. If you don't believe me, read THE ENERGYGRAPH chapter, do the tests yourself, and then read the CLOTHING CONTROL CONNECTION chapter. Perhaps THEN, you'll understand. The toys that our children play with stay relatively clean, and our babies sicken as they come into contact with the plastic. There IS a solution, and it's an easy one. Seek out and find craftsmen in your area, who make cribs, bassinets, high chairs, toys, playpens, wagons, blocks, dolls, and anything else you can find - of NATURAL MATERIALS. You will be helping local industry, helping your child's health, and purchasing things that will LAST, which can be handed down to many future generations. You might find it a bit more costly, initially, but the investment is unequalled. 

     Any of you who ARE craftsmen, please notify me at the email address on the CONTACT US page, and we will contact you, and help you advertise your expertise. Handmade crafts constructed out of NATURAL MATERIALS are pretty much a vanishing artform. Let's not let it become extinct.
It bears repeating:
subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
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