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It bears repeating:
subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
This page was last updated: December 31, 2017
     Many years ago, my friend kept telling me he was waiting for his money, which was coming "any day now". He told me that for FIVE YEARS! I finally entered into a verbal, common law, contractual agreement with him, over the phone, to enable me to be his financial advisor. I called the two men he was involved with, regarding his "investment", and ran the truth to the ground. There WAS no money coing, it had been outright STOLEN from him at the onset, and he had experienced "hope deferred maketh the heart sick", for FIVE LONG YEARS. 

     The excuses are always the same. "The trader had a heart attack. We're having trouble with the bank, so we are switching to another one. His mother had open heart surgery. He is in the middle of moving. They're being audited. We're going to discount the funds - you'll get more in the long run. The trader died, and we're having trouble finding someone to take his place. There was a bank holiday" - and on and on it goes.

     Usually, the method of operation is that people who have some money to invest, are invited by an acquaintance to very "hush-hush" meetings, which are held behind "closed doors". They are required to sign a non-circumvent, non-disclosure agreement, which states that it binds not only THEM, but also their heirs and assigns for FIVE years. Most of them abide by the agreement, until they realize they have been "had". How horrible! 

     Right now, there is a big push on, from the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS with the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, to strip Americans of their WEALTH, and amass for themselves as much of our financial territory as they can, before the "jig is up". I don't care if you've been offered the "investment" here, on American soil, or offshore at some seminar - don't part with a dime until you have concrete evidence of the veracity of their claims. Some of the best investments in the world are made with a handshake, and sometimes a scrap of signed paper. I cannot stress to you enough, that many, many people have parted with their life's savings, and lost it all. I have heard of at least one priest who encouraged some members of his "flock" to invest in a venture. THEY lost their money, and HE committed suicide. 

     There is excellent financial advice in Ecclesiastes 11:1 and 2 - "Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. Give a portion to seven, and also to eight; for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth". What is coming down upon us - SOON - is the Mark of the Beast, and you'll need some hard assets to escape getting tagged and branded, like cattle.

     So...rent, or double up if you have to, just to get out of debt. Use cash when possible. It is much harder to trace, and we won't be able to use it much longer, anyway. Barter if you can. Be creative. 
Stop using any and all accounts that are tied into your Social Security Number. THAT is their THEIR control number for you. 

     If you desperately want to be free, as Patrick Henry did, then YOU have to do a lot of chain cutting yourself. I can help you see how you are bound, but only you can cut the chains away that bind you. 

     I've included this information in the section on THE INTERNET, because an awful lot of tempting "investments" are being offered through it. The basic reason to avoid it goes far deeper than just finances. 

"Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly"...ah, yes! 

     That is the theme song of THE OLYMPIANS, the international banking cartel, the zealous slaves of Lucifer. The Internet could more properly be identified as the INTERnational bankers NET - got it? Incidentally, they've ALREADY flopped the TRUTH right before your very eyes, and they are counting on the fact that we are so far out in "La-La Land", we won't get it. For bankers, they don't add things up very well. 
My Friend's Sad Story
Right In Your Face!!!
     Have any of you seen the movie, The Net? It depicts exactly how slick they are - notice I said SLICK, not smart. How about Phenomenon? I have a life a lot like that, except I give GOD the glory, Who deserves it, and I do NOT have a brain tumor. What about those of you with young children? Have you ever watched Gargoyles with them? You should! While you are at it, take a good, long, hard look at THE ILLUMINATI card game. If THAT doesn't open your eyes, your situation is hopeless.

     THE PLANNERS are so arrogantly confident of their impending success, they flaunt WHO THEY REALLY ARE right in our faces, right under our very noses, and they COUNT on the erroneous supposition that we WON'T GET IT. Well, I get it! In the Gargoyles cartoon, the bad guys are the Illuminati. How appropriate - they ARE!
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