subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...
     What a loss! He fought for years, to make the media print the TRUTH to the American public, about the THE CONSPIRATORS in our government. Frustrated at their inaction, he took his message to the people, personally. Results? EXTERMINATION, plane-crash-style. The flight he was on, Korean Airlines flight 007, somehow "strayed" into Soviet airspace, and was "accidentally" shot down. The media barely noticed. We still mourn his loss, which occurred in August of 1983. This constituted an INTERNATIONAL incident, however - you guessed it! - there was NO Congressional investigation. May I repeat that? There was NO Congressional investigation. What a sin - literally!

     His "suicide" - aren't they ALL? - was attributed to a plane crash. I am just being facetious - seems like almost all of the suspicious deaths are deemed suicides. How he convinced the other people aboard to die with him, is an unfathomable mystery. He had been a member of the CFR, and evidently knew TOO MUCH, and couldn't keep his mouth shut. His death occurred in April of 1991, just one day before the next victim, John Tower.

     Shortly after the release of his book, Consequences: A Personal and Political Memoir, exposing a lot of the shenanigans behind the politics in Washington, D. C., his life was ended in a plane crash. He, like Senator John Heinz, had been a member of the CFR. THEY evidentally didn't like his book, so they terminated him in April of 1991. Once again, as in the death of Senator Larry MacDonald - no Congressional investigation. Word was, that the illustrious Senator Jesse Helms was leading efforts to expose the plot - I think not. The sum total of any information Jesse Helms would be likely to give, is ONLY what THEY don't mind that WE know. Senator Jesse 33rd degree Mason Helms, that is...

     He was a financial advisor to the Rothschilds. Not even HE, with his tremendous influence, was sacrosanct. He indiscreetly wrote an article disclosing JUST the information that there existed a group of only 300 men, who completely ruled Europe. Rathenau didn't even BEGIN to expose the worldwide network of control. Six months later, HE was removed from this life - June, 1922.

     Forrestal was Secretary of Defense under former President Truman. He was a man who DESPISED the secrecy of THE PLANNERS. He felt that the public should be aware of a certain top-secret government project. Unfortunately, he voiced his opinions aloud. President Truman asked him to resign. Subsequently, he was placed in the MENTAL WARD of Bethesda Naval Hospital, forcibly isolated from his family and friends, and never again saw the outside world. He "committed suicide" by tying a bedsheet around his neck, and "plunging" out the window to his death. We understand that his death was ordered by THE OLYMPIANS. Read more HERE or HERE. Terminated May, 1949.

     Mother and son, they were blown out of existence - October 1992; just a little government prelude to the Waco tragedy. Sam was Randy and Vicki Weaver's 14-year old son. He was shot in the back and killed by a federal agent. Gotta admire a government who authorizes the murder of an innocent 14-year old kid. See HERE, or search online for more information, as LOTS of the links I DID have, are no longer operational. While minding their own business, living peaceably in the mountains of Idaho, mother and son were slaughtered under the implementation of "Operation: Northern Exposure". Nice little experiment, that the PARALLEL government of the U.S.did, to prepare us for Waco in early 1993. Vicki Weaver had her 10-month old infant in her arms, when a government agent shot her in the face and killed her. Well, the "Powers that Be" saw the reaction of the American public, didn't they? Hundreds of them traveled there, to PROTEST - with SIGNS, and SHOUTS, and STOOD there, dutifully BEHIND the cordons, while the minions of the DEMOCRACY - which we are NOT, we are a REPUBLIC - the SHADOW GOVERNMENT of this nation, brought in their ROBOTS, their HELICOPTERS, their MANPOWER, and their GUNS - and killed a mother with a baby in her arms, and a young teenage boy. The public STOOD THERE, and let Bo Gritz, whose side is HE ON, anyway? - go up and down the mountain and feed the crowd updated information on what was transpiring. All the while Bo was "helping" disseminate information, blithering about NOTHING, captivating the attention of the dutifully waiting protestors - the heavy artillery was still there, as though they were engaged in war against an armed fortress, full of hundreds of armed-to-the-hilt warriors. 

     I did NOT see what I expected to see...an armed, angry populace, storming the barriers as ONE - demanding to see justice done. Wouldn't surprise me at all, if it was planned that way, and most of the people there were "plants" - JUST LIKE BO GRITZ. Why didn't "We The People" armed or unarmed, break through those flimsy, unlawfully imposed barriers and demand the removal of the troops? The Weavers had wronged no one. Talk about ENTRAPMENT! Randy was trapped into something, and then his wife and teenage son killed - for what? Since WHEN can the government come onto private property, steal the body of your child that they killed, and have it cremated, without your consent? What I am referring to, is the incident at Ruby Creek or Ruby Ridge. CBS did a LOUSY job of feeding us a "documentary" on it, called Ruby Ridge: An American Tragedy. It was replete with errors. Well, thankfully, Randy got his day in court, but NOTHING will replace his wife or his son. THE POWERS THAT BE were just testing the waters, and guess what? The American people has them just about convinced they can WALK on them. Shame on us for being spineless wimps!

It bears repeating:
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