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     Well, MEN, I've addressed what is being done to you - BUT - we haven't touched on your clothing, yet. If you have already read the CLOTHING CONTROL CONNECTION, you will have a good idea what you are up against. If you haven't, you need to. 

     About all that needs to be addressed here, is - if you're wearing a business suit, chances are that it was manufactured according to THEIR specifications, and contains several strong controls. One of the slickest things THE OLYMPIANS ever pulled, was convincing the American public that we should use synthetic fabrics for clothing. 

     You MEN who are in the corporate world are most likely enveloped in a polyester, nylon/wool, silk/acrylic or any other synthetic mish-mash - business suit. Not healthy for your body. I know you 
are going to be hard to convince, so...here's how you can convince yourself. 

     You NEED to get all decked out in one of your business suits, and have someone do an test on you, an "Energygraph". (That's just MY term for it.) See the ENERGYGRAPH chapter. Don't forget the nylon or acrylic socks, and the tie. Put it all on. Have them do the test. THEN, do the test wearing just a pair of 100% cotton shorts, or better yet, wearing just a towel wrapped around you. Barefoot, and preferably outside. THEN, dress as if you were going to the office, and have someone test you again. The material in almost ALL of the business suits I examined, was NOT anything that a living, breathing human being should be wearing. The tiny little controls that are in your suits help to keep you tuned into their propaganda network. 100% pure linen, cotton, silk, wool, and leather keep you away from those CONTROLS. Just WAIT until you SEE, the difference in your ENERGY!

     This is NOT a pipe dream. I MADE myself a few things, of 100% materials - stitched with 100% natural fibers, and COULD NOT believe the difference it made in my energy levels, when I wore them; I STILL wear them. If there is one industry that we really need, it is one that manufactures MEN'S, natural fiber clothing.

     You know, most of us don't like being LIED TO. Frankly, I DETEST it. MEN, you are being lied to, and orchestrated like puppets on a string. Those who are DOING it to you, are maniacally gloating over the puppet show. Don't take my word for it - check out what is here, yourselves. You will see that we are just so much livestock in THE CONTROLLERS' sight, being driven at a desperate pace, to make the already affluent - wickedly wealthy. Time to turn that around...
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