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subtly, secretly, silently, successfully...

     I know that a lot of you LADIES are going to be hard to convince. If you heard this information 
on Oprah, or the nightly news, you'd believe it. All I can do, is encourage you to check out what I am telling you, yourself. The TRUTH IS THE TRUTH, regardless of anyone's opinions. If you value your health --- investigate my claims.
     Ah, yes - and NOW we have padded panties for beautiful buttocks, padded bras for beautiful breasts - oh, ladies - please! Not only are you putting man-made foam on your body, you're creating 
an illusion of being built in a way you are NOT. Do you REALLY need to look like Mae West, Barbie, or Dolly Parton so badly, that you are going to do irreparable damage to your body for your image's sake? May God forbid such a ridiculous mindset. There are much more important things in life for you to be concerned about, than your figure --- like your health, for instance. There are plenty of ways to exercise your muscles, to tone up your body, but superficial camouflage is NOT the way to go. The more synthetics that you place up against your skin, the more your body's electrical system tunes in to outside CONTROLS. Just like an antenna.

     Besides, how are you going to explain all of those false paddings, when you undress and get into bed with a man? Hopefully, your husband. Just picture this. On your wedding night, your darling  husband finds out that he has married AN ILLUSION. If he TRULY loves you, he's not really going to care, but, you have made him fall in love with a lie, nontheless, and you have deceived him. No one, NO ONE, enjoys being deceived, especially by someone who purports to love you.

     Ladies - CUT IT OUT! Build up your character; let it shine forth, and no one will notice, or care HOW you are built. A large PART OF THE LIE that THEY blast at us from all of their glossy slicks, is that you HAVE to be gorgeous, thin, and rich. THAT'S RIDICULOUS, especially coming from those who destroy our beauty, our bodies, our minds, our convictions, and our wealth.
     Hey, gals - how do you like all of those "feminine products"? Did you ever think, that when you are putting a tampon inside of your body, you are using an "easy-glide" applicator, that is made of PLASTIC? Why would you put that in or on your body? Granted, it works well, and it's only temporary, but you still insert it into your body many, many times over the course of a normal period. Don't do it. Use the cardboard tube ones, if you can find them. Also, those tampons are NOT made of all-natural based materials, unless you're smart enough to use the 100% cotton ones. As far as my tests can tell, those ARE natural, ladies - however, I did not test the strings on them, which are probably NOT. You do it. On this website, in the chapter on the CLOTHING CONTROL CONNECTION, you will find a lot of  information on how to scientifically test fabrics and threads, using a match, to determine their content. The cotton tampons will not harm your delicate private area - all of the others WILL. LADIES, remember - natural fibers are safe, healthy, and insulating - ALWAYS.

     Now, for the pads. First of all, forget buying the ones with "wings" attached. They just serve 
to effectively plaster plastic tabs right up against one of the most sensitive areas of your body - the inside of your thighs. You do NOT need them...don't buy them...the wings are totally unnecessary. 
Secondly, pads were at one time made of good, old-fashioned absorbent COTTON. Not any more.
The materials used now, are "space-age technology" synthetics. The mesh "fabric" covering the body of the pad is NOT natural, and it will pull your pubic hairs right out, and trap them in its webbing. Take a good LOOK at your pads. There will be hairs in them, guaranteed. Why? Well, because synthetics PULL your hair out - literally, especially polyester.

    One of our family members owned a much-beloved pullover sweater. She wore it with dressy outfits, and she wore it with jeans. It was one of these mix-and-match-with-everything garments, 
and she actually had three of them, in different colors. After years of wearing them, she FINALLY noticed that every single time that she wore one of them, there would be almost an entire HANDFUL of hair stuck to the back of the pullover, and - since her hair was long - it was really noticeable. THEN, she noticed that ANYTHING she wore that was made of polyester, seemed to yank hair right out of her head, as the day wore on. She got rid of it - ALL of it. This happened long before I began to notice what was being done to us, through our clothing. That same thing applies to the mesh that's covering your sanitary napkins. To put it in laymen's terms, without going into the scientific reasons for WHY it happens - the atoms that comprise the molecules of the synthetic-based mesh, are "at war" with your body's atoms. When you move - walking, running, or even just getting up and down from a chair, the movement makes the synthetic material "grab" your hair, and "yank" it out. Actually, just the motion of being ALIVE, is enough to do it. If you can get your brain to think about this on a cellular level, you'll understand it.In another place on the website, I'll show you a way to actually PROVE the veracity of my claim.

Furthermore, ladies - only use pads that are all white. Didn't you ever wonder about those blue or other colored strips that are found right underneath the mesh? What are THEY there for? We're TOLD, it's for increased absorbency, and I'm sure that's what the lab technicians who design them, think. Well, those strips don't seem to function that way. I tested quite a few...

What they DO, is afford a nice little degree of CONTROL, right across the imaginary line that 
runs from the top of your head, down to the earth. That's a very effective way to cut you off just a 
bit more, from the natural energy that you obtain from the ground. Observe, if you're not the squeamish type,  how very little blood actually goes INTO the pad. BUT, when you sit down over a toilet, a LOT of blood goes into the toilet water, and into the toilet tissue that you use, to wipe yourself - doesn't it? Now, why would that be?  Because, dear ladies, that strip prohibits a great deal of blood flow from entering the pad, and so does the mesh - the blood stays up in your body. Your own system is trying to eliminate it, but that "stuff" holds it back. It is a bit complicated to explain, but true. When your body is over water, which is NATURAL, that blood is released COPIOUSLY.

Ladies, think about it. Don't you ever feel those tampons and pads really irritating you? Sure, 
they do. They are made of man-made fibers and blends. If you heed my warning, you'll use natural cotton tampons or none, and white, natural material pads. There's even a way to make your own, 
but then, you'll have to launder them, and most women just don't have the time, today. Lots of women do, though. If you'd like to put this information to the test yourself --- get yourself some 
100% cotton diapers, and make sure that they aren't stitched with synthetic thread, or buy some birdseye diaper material - 100% cotton content - at the fabric store. Wash and dry the diapers, or 
the birdseye 2 or 3 times. Cut the diapers in half, so they're not bulky. Fold them up into the size 
of a sanitary napkin, but with some extra length. If you're handy, you can attach snaps to them, and to several pairs of your underpants, to secure them. Keep a ziplock bag in your purse for soiled ones, and take plenty of extra homemade pads with you, when you go out. They WILL absorb the blood, most effectively. You just see how much clearer your thinking is, and how much better you feel. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results.
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I am DRIVEN to get this information out, and into your hands, before it REALLY IS too late. They may be able to put us in their concentration camps - see the Table of Contents - there's a link to them on that page - and also Hidden Agendas - another link on that page. They may be able to take our children away - oh, yes - FEMA, FINCEN, and MJTF are all geared up to do that, they may be able to strip us of our wealth, and even kill our bodies - BUT we DO NOT have to be manipulated by their CONTROLS, and we don't have to believe their LIES, either. By now, if you have read the rest of the site, up to this page, and IF you have been paying attention, you should be starting to wake up! - Og
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