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     So, here's my advice - and remember, it was GOD who opened my eyes, years ago. He showed me, so I can share it with you. For one solid year, I was immersed in non-stop research. He got my attention almost every minute of every day. I found more things in our food supply, than even I could believe! Here are some cautions, backed by the research that I did - INTENSE RESEARCH.

  • Don't eat Doritos
  • Do not ever chew Ice Breakers gum, or its counterparts
  • No more Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, Rice-A-Roni, etc.
  • Throw away your Hidden Valley Ranch dressing
  • No Checkers french fries - [severe mood reactions every time my family ate them. I didn't!]
  • Lay off Taco Bell
  • Forget Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew and the rest of the sodas [they are addicting, in addition to being poison to your system]
  • Shop the produce, meat, fish, poultry and dairy sections of the grocery store. Forget the inner aisles, where everything is packaged, processed, and polluted with additives that kill
  • Cook from scratch, with pure, fresh, wholesome whole-grain ingredients
  • Duncan Hines - never - remember the ground glass years ago?
  • No canned baby foods for your little ones
  • Kiss Gatorade - good-bye [check out THAT label!]
  • Forget bottled Lipton or Nestea iced tea
  • Do not give your family Kool-Aid
  • Lay off the prepared cheese dips
  • Vegetarians - beware the meatless meals (chemical feasts, they are)
  • Avoid free samples given out at the supermarkets
  • Shun artifically colored items that are BLUE unless you want a toxic chemical lodged in your brain (taht chemical would be cobalt - stays in your body - bad stuff!)
  • ANYTHING with "flavor crystals" is not for you, and here's a few more that aren't - for your health, that is...
  • Artificial bacon bits, seafood salad at salad bars, pasta - unless it's whole grain - smoked meats, fructose-laden drinks, "lite" salt substitutes - several have aluminum in them, ANY drinks with little colored balls floating in them - [oh, yes - they're out there], powdered drink mixes, multi-colored cereals, cereals with colored marshmallows in them, and the blue M&M's.
  • Check the labels, especially on food items that you purchase on a regular basis. Often, I found  brands I had come to trust, had COMPLETELY altered their ingredients. One was a soup - ALWAYS made with olive oil - now, they are using canola oil. Another was a wholegrain cracker, which USED to be made of 100% natural ingredients - no sugar added. Well, now, it has sugar in it. Yet another discovery, was a particular salad dressing that had no MSG in it, and was promoted that way. Well...you guessed it! It now contains MSG, on the label as yeast extract. 

     Why don't you do a little research on WHY food products that are made in the United States for export to other countries, very often have different, more wholesome ingredients in them, than the ones that we get? I am referring to products that are from the same companies we are accustomed to, sporting the same product names, but containing different, healthier ingredients when going to other countries. Now, THAT should tell you something... 

     All of the above, and lots and lots more, are just one more small part of the machine that THE CONTROLLERS have developed to CONTROL us. There are lots of other things we eat, that are full of neurotoxins, which attack our brains and other ingredients to make us passive and sick. I would rather spark your interest, and let you discover THE TRUTH for yourself, than to list thousands of things that are designed to keep you sick or stressed or "tuned-in". I have told you lots of things to avoid, so why don't YOU just experiment - yourself? Read on...

     Just this once, buy some Ice Breakers gum. Chew it up carefully, and try not to swallow anything but saliva. Feel what is in your mouth. Those are not flavor crystals - they are behavior crystals.  WHAT are those doing in GUM? By the way, you are not chewing chicle anymore, as a gum base... it appears to be mainly plastic. Lots of it is considered - a TRADE SECRET.

     Please, folks - don't waste your time in doubt and unbelief. Do your own homework - you will be shocked. Ultimately, you'll be thrilled beyond measure, because you'll be FREE. A good adage is: "When in doubt, do without". Drastic? Yes - but, just how badly do you want to be in control of your mind? The death that the plethora of chemicals adds to our food supply is REAL. There are billions of dollars at stake here --- and billions of minds --- OURS.  

                         Food additives and chemicals = Money for the manufacturers
                     Sick, stressed, confused people = Money for the AMA & MD's        
                             Prescriptions and hospitals = Money for the drug warlords [the legal ones, I mean}
                       Personal apathy and ignorance = dependence on others for your health and well-being
                                                              Which = CONTROL
The opinions expressed here are purely mine. Any references to real people are purely --- INTENTIONAL.