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It bears repeating:
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Part of THE PLAN is to keep us all SICK. People who are ill, are NOT good WARRIORS. Think about it. When you feel like a million dollars, you feel like you could conquer the world. When you're out of sorts, nothing matters but your HEALTH

This part of THE PLAN is working extremely well, and beloved, it IS part of their PLAN.

Sick people take off work; there's time and $$$ lost. They go to bed; there goes the housework! They call the doctor; that's a hassle. They make a typically inconvenient appointment; after all, THE DOCTOR'S TIME is valuable, they have to fit around HIS schedule. They drive a distance to get there; more time and $$$ spent. Upon arrival, they are required to fill out lengthy forms; aggravation here, and time lost. They wait an UNGODLY length of time, just to be ushered into an examination room that is so COLD, it resembles a refrigerator; discomfort and more aggravation. They wait yet longer, to see THE DOCTOR - MORE time consumed.

He gives them his diagnosis; often incorrect, writes a prescription - for a tiny little pill which contains a potentially lethal drug, and THEN, they pay for the "visit", which has been anything BUT - and - more $$$ gone. Into the car, they drive to the PHARMACY - CLICK HERE to get an eye-opener on the origins of THAT word - more $$$ spent on gas, and more time consumed. At the pharmacy, they typically wait at least 20 minutes to get the prescription filled - more time wasted. They pray that the pharmacist fills it correctly, after heroically interpreting the marks left on the prescription pad by the "turkey" who scratched them there - more anxiety. They pay for the "legal" drugs - more $$$ gone,  and drive home - gas $$$ and time wasted.  At home, they swallow with FAITH, the prescribed medication, and wait to feel like themselves again. Well, THE PLAN worked, didn't it?

The entire day was blown, money was spent that was probably a sacrifice, and a whole lot of frustration was acquired along the way. Does this all sound familiar? That's the AMERICAN WAY, you know.

DON'T do your homework - perish the thought - don't think for yourself and find a natural way to recover, don't take the time to figure out WHY you don't feel up to snuff, don't pray and expect to be healed. Just pick up the phone, and make a call to a man who has a piece of paper hanging on his wall that certifies he went to school longer than you did, and trust your divinely created body's health to HIM. Then, swallow without question, a tiny tablet or capsule of undetermined origin - exactly as many and as many times a day as THE DOCTOR told you to, and expect to recover from what ails you...what FAITH! Furthermore, you blissfully believe that you have done the right thing.
What a farce!  If only people would put one-tenth of that trust in their Heavenly Father, when they don't feel good. If you have lived the above scenario, you have just followed the rest of the sheep, and participated in THE PLAN

No, I am NOT being extreme, nor am I getting carried away. If you'd just be honest with yourself; YOU think rushing off to the doctor when you just don't "feel good" is ridiculous, too. Now - 'fess up.  Well, it IS ridiculous, but that's what we've all been trained and conditioned to do. My family does NOT do it. Part of THE PLAN, is to convince us, that we cannot take care of ourselves, because the "experts" have all of the answers. Well, TELL THE TRUTH! The reason you rush off to the doctor, is because you do not want to investigate a "cure", yourself - so, you turn the responsibility for your health and well-being, over to another human being. When you've finished reading this entire chapter, you'll understand completely why I believe that going to the doctor when you "just don't feel up to snuff"  is so inane - and insane, too. Hopefully, you'll understand. I'll do my best to make you SEE it.
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It is no accident that MSG, monosodium glutamate, a.k.a. Accent, is cropping up everywhere in our food supply. MSG makes bland food taste scrumptious, tickles the taste buds, tantalizes the tongue, and totally addicts you to that luscious taste. It is a MIND-ALTERING, tissue-killing, bloating additive. Not only is MSG known to give people migraine headaches and dizziness - GREAT! - it can also cause seizures - DUCKY! - make your fingers swell up like Oscar Mayer wieners - JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!-  bloat up your face and your belly, and drive your mind to distraction. A small price to pay, if your god is your belly. For some of us, whose god is NOT, the price is staggering. On the label, MSG usually appears as MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE, however - surprise! - it can also be found  masquerading as HYDROLYZED PROTEINAUTOLYZED YEAST EXTRACTHYDROLYZED VEGETABLE PROTEINOTHER NATURAL FLAVORINGS, and the all-encompassing, ubiquitous SPICES.  Any of those names are merely cover-ups for MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE, among other additives.

*It is in almost ALL CANNED TUNA - if it says vegetable broth on the label, even if it says it is packed in water, it contains MSG. did the research already - now, please - benefit from it! 
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