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     Allow me to digress for a moment. Do you remember the clothes that you wore as a child?  I'll bet a lot of you have mothers who sewed for you. She put a lot of TLC into those clothes she made, now - didn't she? Some of you wore clothes that were handmade due to economic necessity, and you could hardly WAIT to have store-bought clothes. Boy, were YOU deluded!

     Today, it is indeed a rare thing for a child to have handmade clothes. Mom probably works outside the home, and maybe Grandma does, too. Very few have the time, or the inclination to sew clothes for their family. Well, again - that's part of THE PLAN!

     Leave them no time for such things - keep them STRESSED, STRAPPED, and SHEEP!  THEY intend to control EVERYTHING we wear - from the infant's diapers, to your graveclothes. It's the old  "total coverage from the cradle to the grave" concept, only this time, it's not insurance.  Actually, it IS - THEIR insurance - that WE are under THEIR CONTROL. Now, guess who SELLS us this clothing?  You got it - THE OLYMPIANS - in one way or another, they're behind it.
     For centuries, man wore clothing made of natural materials - emphasis on NATURAL. Enter DuPont, and other manufacturers, and less than a century later, we have - plastic clothing. Just to name a few of the new "miracle" fabrics that have appeared on the scene - nylon, dacron, acrylic, polyester, fiberglass, orlon, sateen, polar fleece, ultra-suede, Herculon, Naugahyde, microfiber and lycra spandex.  The only "MIRACLE" about these fabrics, as far as I am concerned, is that we have managed to wear them, and SURVIVE!

     Synthetic fabrics DO NOT ALLOW YOUR BODY TO BREATHE! Just consider the effects on your own skin, when you put something so innocuous on it, as a Band-Aid. Observe - shrunken, puckered skin. Think about the effects of wearing a cast for any length of time.  The limb shrivels, muscle density wanes and deteriorates, and strength is lost.

     Ladies - TAKE OFF YOUR "NYLONS" - that's what they are, too - and observe all of the dead skin that flakes off as you remove them.  Synthetic fibers, and the fabrics made of them, enslave your body's natural functions, and render them helpless to expel toxic waste matter, via your SKIN.

     On the other hand, any textile manufacturer can tell you, that NATURAL fibers breathe, and allow your SKIN to BREATHE. What is a human being's largest organ? YOUR SKIN! Daily, your skin expels more waste than your lungs.

    Natural fabrics, like cotton, silk, linen, wool [sheep's, llama's, alpaca's, angora rabbit's], leather [not technically a fabric, but used for clothing], bamboo, & others.  These materials are GOOD for a human body.  They are warm in the winter; cool in the summer. They absorb sweat, toxins, and poisons that are eliminated from your body, and DO NOT cut you off from the natural energy of the Earth.  In addition, they are NON-CONDUCTIVE.  They are excellent natural insulators, not just from heat and cold, but from electrostatic input, as well. They have pores in them, much like your own skin does, and - they wear well - clean well - breathe, and LAST.

     When I was clothing my family, I assumed that the clothes I was buying were made from the materials indicated on the labels. Much to my chagrin, I discovered that - WE ARE BEING LIED TO, again!  Garments I wore, which were supposed to be 100% cotton, silk, or any other natural fabric - very often WERE NOT!  Oh, usually the BODY of the garment was, but - the POCKETS, COLLARS, CUFFS and STITCHING - often were NOT!

     I did lots of "burn tests", on threads that I pulled out of the suspicious area, or seam, and LO and BEHOLD! - the flame I was using went...burn-spurt, burn-spurt, burn-spurt. That is NOT how natural fibers burn.  Cotton burns S-L-O-W and STEADY, poor grammar, but accurate description. ALL natural fibers burn at a pretty even rate, even if it is silk - which burns quickly, but steadily. NATURAL FIBERS do NOT sputter and spurt - that is ONE SURE SIGN of a synthetic blended with a natural fiber. When  synthetics burn they MELT, and blends sputter and spurt. A match can reveal an awful lot!
​     Guess what ELSE I found in clothing - particulary in the labels? Incidentally, the labels are NOT made of natural fibers, 95% of the time.  There are a few cottage industries that use natural fiber labels, and a tiny handful of others that do, too. MOST do NOT, and if a cottage industry is subsidized by one of the "BIG GUYS", the labels are sure to be of THEIR design - designed to hook you into THEIR CONTROLS. By simply cutting the label off at the seam, right where it is attached, you are only removing a portion of the offender. You must open the seam with a razor, or a seam ripper, and remove the entire thing. You'll find, in many cases, a nonsensical "thing" that looks like this:
at the top of the label. It appears to be part of the warp and woof involved in the weaving of the label.  IT IS NOT. You might even find a number there. These are part of the CONTROL factor of 
that particular garment. Invariably, that label is designed to hit you center-spine, usually at the TOP of your spine - right there where your electrical impulses race up and down on their way to "deliver" messages. That label, in some garments, along with the synthetic stitching, also controls the electrostatically applied dyes that are used, especially in garments that are BLUE.
     THE CONTROLLERSgod - Lucifer, HAS no mercy, just malice. OUR God, the ONE and ONLY, is world famous for His mercy, and Remnant - it endures FOREVER.

     Remember, WE have a God Who fights for the underdog, reveals covert schemes, and through 
His servants, the prophets - delineates a specific escape plan. "The best laid plans of mice and men", you know.  Well, THIS time, the plans have been laid by some "ROYAL", and I DO MEAN "ROYAL" RATS! Not to worry. Our God is the One Who baits the trap for their demise with His cheese, and I know where the traps are. Let's go "rat trap" hunting, shall we?
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